Apple all ready to start it’s own Netflix-like video streaming service!

Apple Video streaming service
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If you have been hearing rumors regarding Apple bringing a NetFlix-like video streaming service, it’s almost true! Apple has sent out invites saying, “it’s show- time” for Monday, that is March 25th. The event is to take place in the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s ‘spaceship’ Headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Apple video streaming service to come soon

The event is said to kick- off at 11:00 am PT where Apple is rumored to launch its own subscription-based news and video- streaming services. It’s basically two different services being launched in the same platform, one is a Video streaming service and the other is a news-subscription service. But since Apple is holding the event, the company might also launch some of it’s anticipated products like the new Airpods, iPads and it’s Air Power wireless charging mat.

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But news of those launches has not caught wind yet. The most likely is the launch of the video streaming service and the news subscription service.

In previous years, speculations were that Apple would be very soon bringing a ‘NetFlix for News’ that would allow subscribers to pay $10 a month to get contents from various publishers. It would basically be a paid version of Apple News. Apple had also said that famous publishers like the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and similar others would be onboard for that.

Alongside that, Apple is reportedly planning to bring video streaming services like Amazon Prime and NetFlix to get access to which users will have to pay a definite subscription amount. Famous TV channels like Viacom, Showtime, Nickelodeon, MTV VH1 are expected to offer subscription services on Apple’s to come streaming venture. However, news also says that the service will not feature contents from HBO and NetFlix.

And if you are wondering when the service is going to roll out, it might be ready in Mid-April, but the company plans to make it officially available after a few weeks of the rollout.