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AMD Radeon RX 5700XT

The AMD RX 5700XT and 5700 gets a price drop – Are they finally...

AMD announced two new graphics cards recently in the E3 2019. The AMD RX 5700XT and the 5700 are mid-tier graphics cards, with an...
new oled technology breakthrough

New OLED technology breakthrough makes your display more efficient

With the latest smartphone iterations, their displays are getting bigger. It seems that smartphone companies are obsessed with giving us larger displays, and we're...
facebook scandal

Apple Co-founder advises people to get off of Facebook

Facebook is always under some seize, one way or the other. Granted, they don't have a great track record when it comes to privacy....
sony bravia tv nepal world cup offer

Sony Bravia TV Price in Nepal

Gone are the days when we were obliged to sit in front of a fat-bellied Television screen. And the struggles because of the narrow...
camera lenses price nepal

Camera Lenses Price in Nepal

Having a good camera is not just enough for photography and videography. Although your camera determines the capability of the camera system, it is...
sony camera price nepal

Sony Camera Price in Nepal

Sony, the brand does not need an introduction. The Japanese tech giant has garnered quite a popularity over the years mainly because of its...
Anker products price Nepal

Anker Products Price in Nepal

Anker, the American consumer electronics brand is a household name when it comes to various kinds of gadgets. The company is mostly known for...

iPhone XI Leaks and Stuff: Rumors Away!

Apple is a company that interests even those who don't really like Apple products. And rumors surrounding Apple are also the most interesting ones!...
samsung galaxy tab a 8.0 2019

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 launched: But why?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 is a new entry-level tablet by Samsung. But with the tablet market dwindling, is a tablet necessary, even so, a budget one?
best wireless earbuds price nepal

Best wireless earbuds to buy in Nepal (Every Price Segment)

Remember a time when wireless earphones were but fancy gadgets, and mostly, a gimmick? That was a time when wireless earphones were far behind...

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