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Camera Price in Nepal

Since Sony, Nikon, and Canon cameras have garnered substantial popularity in Nepal, here we have listed all the Sony, Canon, and Nikon cameras available in Nepal along with their latest price.

Sony Camera Price in Nepal

Sony Camera Model Alternate Model Name Price in Nepal Offer Price 
Sony Alpha ZV-E10LZV-E10LRs. 163,000Rs. 146,700
Sony Alpha A7 III (Body Only)ILCE-7M3Rs. 355,000Rs. 319,500
Sony Alpha A7 IV (Body Only)ILCE-7M4Rs. 470,000Rs. 384,500 (Free camera strap, T-shirt)
Sony Alpha A7S III (Body Only)ILCE-7S3Rs. 660,000Rs. 594,000

Canon Camera Price in Nepal 

Camera ModelTypePrice
Canon EOS-1D X Mark IIDSLRRs. 6,58,990
Canon EOS RMirrorlessRs. 4,86,000
Canon EOS 5D Mark IVDSLRRs. 4,35,000
Canon EOS 6D Mark IIDSLRRs. 3,17,490
Canon EOS 7D Mark IIDSLRRs. 1,82,490
Canon EOS 80DDSLRRs. 1,50,990
Canon EOS M5MirrorlessRs. 1,26,990
Canon EOS 800DDSLRRs. 99,490
Canon EOS M6MirrorlessRs. 75,990
Canon EOS 750DDSLRRs. 70,490
Canon EOS M50MirrorlessRs. 69,990
Canon EOS 1500DDSLRRs. 67,990
Canon EOS M100Digital CameraRs. 60,990
Canon EOS 3000DDSLRRs. 51,990
Canon EOS M10Digital CameraRs. 47,490

Nikon camera price in Nepal

Nikon D3400DSLRRs. 47,000
Nikon D3500DSLRRs. 53,000
Nikon D5600DSLRRs. 68,000
Nikon D7200DSLRRs. 1,07,000
Nikon D750DSLRRs. 2,15,000
Nikon D810DSLRRs. 3,15,000
Nikon D850DSLRRs. 3,75,000
Nikon D5DSLRRs. 6,93,000
Nikon Z6Mirrorless CameraRs. 2,45,000
Nikon Z7Mirrorless CameraRs. 3,95,000
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