Bose Frames launched in Nepal: Spectacles of Melody!

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With the hot summer days upon is in progress, we have to think twice before we plug in our headphones during commutes. The days are hot, and the sunglasses are kinda mandatory. But so are headphones, more often than not. And with all of those on your head, summer is not very graceful. However, now, these Bose Frames will let you listen to music while keeping your ears free!

Bose Frames Overview

Bose is a household company when it comes to audio accessories and such. And the same audio genius came up with a concept like this – smart sunglasses. Now, smart sunglasses might bring up images like the Google Glass in your mind, but these are far from it. Simply, put, they’re sunglasses with built-in speakers pointed towards your ears and some AR functionalities…

They connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and there’s a discreet button under the right arm to turn it on, play/pause music or accepting calls. Also, the button lets you skip tracks as well. So, just like most other wireless earphones out there. And just like those, you will have to reach for your phone to control the volume. Also, there’s an app to do other stuff.

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Also, there’s a built-in microphone for calling. And if you’re okay with looking like you’re talking to yourself (as there is no visible earpiece), the are quite handy, and actually cool, if you think about it.

The battery lasts 3 hours on continuous music playback, which is okay I guess. And charging takes place with a magnetic USB cable. Bose Frames come with a traditional sunglasses case, but of course, you’ll leave that at home.

All in all, this is a pretty cool concept. It also has some AR functionalities, but they’re limited right now, so, these are something really cool and can take off in the future.

Bose Frames Types

The Bose Frames have two different models called Alto and Rondo. Alto is more of a square-looking glasses and is smaller whereas the Rondo is round and slightly bigger. Also, you have various options for lenses – mirrored, polarized, or blue gradient, which will cost extra. However, the frames are only available in matte black, which is my favorite color anyway! Both models cost the same.

Bose Frames Price in Nepal and Availability

The Boss Frame smart sunglasses is available in Nepal for a price of Rs. 31,500. This price is for both the models (Alto and Rondo). You can buy the Boss Frames in Nepal from Evo Store.