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Ultima Earbuds Price in Nepal

Here, you can find the latest official price of all the Ultima wireless earbuds available in Nepal. Ultima is a homegrown Nepalese brand that specializes in smartphone accessories. As such they sell all of it from chargers, and portable speakers, to TWS earbuds, and neckbands.

Though there are lots of other renowned players like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Honor, and some accessories-focused ones like Boat, Anker, and Noise, local brands like Ultima, Gravity, and Accurate are competing toe-to-toe in the budget segment. You will find specifications and an overview of all Ultima Lifestyle TWS earbuds in this list alongside their latest price.

To help you choose the best wireless earbuds for your requirement, here is a complete list of Ultima Lifestyle earbuds alongside their price in Nepal and detailed specifications.

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Ultima Earbuds Price in Nepal

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Ultima Lifestyle: Brand Overview

Ultima Lifestyle is a Nepalese company that started out as an aftermarket smartphone battery distributor in 2011. Now, the brand has shifted its focus to the growing smartphone accessories space and sells TWS earbuds, portable speakers, smartwatches, and chargers.

Ultima Lifestyle in Nepal

Being a homegrown label, Ultima is determined to provide good quality products at an affordable price. They manage to do so by assembling most of their products in Nepal. This has the added benefit of generating employment opportunities within the country as well. For instance, Ultima assembles after-market batteries in their Kathmandu plant allowing them to price it competitively.

Ultima LifeStyle Earbuds

Ultima sells budget TWS earbuds in Nepal. They range from NPR 2,400 to NPR 2,700. Most of their earbuds feature an IPX4 or higher rating so you should be fine wearing Ultima TWS buds during your workouts. They have a reliable battery life of over 20 hours and feature newer Bluetooth 5.2 or BTS 5.3 for better signal quality and a more robust wireless connection. Besides that, Ultima offers a 6-month warranty on all their TWS buds. So, you can approach them in case of a defective product and get a new one altogether. Ultima is also working on a dedicated app to make claiming a warranty easier.

Ultima Earbuds Price List (2023)

Ultima TWS Price List Price in Nepal
Ultima Atom 520 Rs. 2,399
Ultima Atom 320 Rs. 2,299
Ultima Atom 192 Rs. 2,699
Ultima Atom 255 Rs. 2,599
Ultima Boom 141 Rs. 1,999

Ultima Lifestyles in Nepal: Conclusion

Ultima Lifestyles has become a widely popular brand in Nepal. Thanks to their commitment to providing value at an affordable price point, Ultima customers are well-satisfied with the brand and it only continues to grow. Though mostly on the budget side, Ultima products feel well-built and work as intended. They are also easily accessible and can be purchased from retail stores as well as online merchants like Hukut and Daraz. As such, Ultima Lifestyles has a bright future ahead.