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Xiaomi Speaker Price List

Here, you can find the latest official price of all the Xiaomi (a.k.a “mi”) speaker available in Nepal along with its price.

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand that specializes in consumer electronics. Given that, it sells all of it from phones, portable speakers, TWS earbuds, and smartwatches to niche products like beard trimmers, air fryers, and cars even.

The speaker market in Nepal is saturated with offerings all across the board. You can get speakers from international brands like Marshall, Mivi, and JBL. In-house brands like Ultima, X-age, and Asta Wolf absolutely dominate the scene.

Despite that Xiaomi is competing toe-to-toe with them all and places itself as one of the most reliable offerings. Additionally, it occupies a more midrange space making it an accessible option for Nepali consumers. You can find the specifications and an overview of all the Xiaomi Speakers in this list alongside their latest price.

To help you choose the best speaker for you, here is a complete list of Xiaomi speakers along with their price in Nepal and detailed specifications.

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Xiaomi Speaker Price List

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Xiaomi: Brand Overview Xiaomi is a Chinese consumer electronics brand founded in 2010. So, it's a pretty recent player in the smartphone and accessories space. Despite this, it has had a major impact on the landscape, especially in the budget and midrange markets. Moreover, Xiaomi is one of the largest brands in the world specializing in TWS earbuds, neckbands, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and so on. Besides those, the company also sells flashlights, televisions, drones, air purifiers, smart home devices, and more. Xiaomi is a constituent of the Hang Seng Index and was founded by Lia Bint (ex-vice president of Google China Institute of Engineering) in 2010. The company expanded outside China in 2014 with a global headquarters in Singapore. "As a team, we share the same relentless pursuit of perfection, constantly refining and enhancing our products to create the best user experience possible." - Xiaomi's core beliefs lie in creating great user experience without paying a hefty premium. Xiaomi employs various strategies to sell for a competitive price including keeping low margins, keeping products in the market longer, and keeping low inventory via flash sales.

Xiaomi in Nepal

In Nepal, Xiaomi has gained immense popularity with its audio accessories and wearables. In the first category, it offers everything from wired earphones and TWS earbuds to speakers.  Let's first discuss the pricing strategy of Xiaomi (for accessories) in Nepal. Before Xiaomi products would be listed with an MRP (Maximum Retail Price) and an MSP (Minimum Selling Price) but that all changed in July of 2022. Now, they only carry the MRP which is higher than MSP. That being said, some stores might still offer discounts on Xiaomi’s MRP. For the best possible price, always refer to authorized stores such as Hukut.

Xiaomi Speakers

Xiaomi sells quality yet affordable speakers starting from NPR 2,699. At this time, Xiaomi offers just two speakers, the lower one with 5W output. In the meantime, the company’s more expensive speaker is priced at NPR 6,599 and comes with 16W output.

Xiaomi Speakers Price List (2024)

Xiaomi Speaker List Price in Nepal
Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker Mini NPR 2,699
Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker 16W NPR 6,599