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China bans AMD and NVIDIA

China prepares to ban AMD and Intel chips from goverment computers

In a recent geopolitical change, China is on a move to ban the chipset from US companies like AMD and Intel. And following the...
Samsung Galaxy S24 with Baidu AI

Galaxy S24 AI features to be available in China despite the Google ban

When the latest Samsung flagships were revealed to be powered by Google’s Gemini models for AI, it left a lot of people intrigued. Will...
Tata Electronics to make iPhone in India

Now iPhones will be assembled by Tata Group in India

The text reading “Designed by Apple in California  Assembled in China” on the back of an iPhone is pretty common knowledge at this point....
China's top smartphone brands 2023 Q3

Honor becomes the TOP smartphone brand in China!

There are two major heavyweights in the global smartphone scene — Samsung, and Apple. However, the landscape is entirely different in the People's Republic...
China restricts Gallium and Germanium

China is restricting export of two rare metals used in chip production

China recently announced it's restricting the export of Gallium and Germanium. These are the two essential metals used in semiconductors and electric vehicles. Now,...
China's FAST telescope discovers nanohertz gravitational waves

China’s “Sky Eye” telescope makes a major breakthrough in terms of gravitational waves

Researchers in China have just made a breakthrough in nanohertz gravitational waves, which might be a gateway to understanding supermassive black holes in the...
China Bans Micron Semiconductor Memory Chips

China bans Micron semiconductor chips as the US-China Tech War escalates

China recently banned the sale of Micron Technology products, claiming major risks to cybersecurity and national security concerns. This action is considered a payback...
China Ban Rare Earth Magnet Technologies Proposed Metal

China’s new export ban could make gadgets even more expensive

As per a recent revision of China’s export control law, the country is looking to impose a total ban on exporting rare earth technologies...