samsung galaxy a50 review

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review: A benchmark for the mid-range smartphones?

In 2019, Samsung flooded the entry-level and mid-range segment with a number of phones. Although the latest Samsung smartphones are too hard to keep...
samsung galaxy a30 review

Samsung Galaxy A30 Review – A breath of Fresh Air for Samsung!

With Samsung refreshing its budget and mid-range lineups, the Galaxy A30 and A50 are the first to surface. And you’ll immediately notice that these...
Xiaomi Redmi Go

Xiaomi Redmi Go Review – An entry level beast!!

For an asking price of Rs. 9000, what would you expect from a phone? Not much, right? I had the same feeling when I...
nubia v18 vs nubia z17 lite vs nubia z17s

Nubia Phones Showdown: V18, Z17 Lite And Z17 MiniS – Still Relevant?

Nubia is another Chinese smartphone company that made its entry to the Nepali market recently. And they entered with four phones - Nubia V18,...
realme c1 review

Realme C1 Review – Another good budget phone story

So the Realme C1 is a phone that launched quite some time ago. And the Realme brand is known for providing good specs at...
realme 2 pro price nepal

Realme 2 Pro Review: The Real Value for Money?

There are so many phones in the mid-range segment right now that it is hard selecting one for yourself. All of them give you...
vivo y91i review

Vivo Y91 Review: Can it compete against the Galaxy Ms and Redmi Notes?

Vivo makes headlines when it comes to their concept phones and flagships with their innovative products. And there are the Vivo’s midrange V-series which...
lenovo a5s review

Lenovo A5s Review – A modest phone for a modest price

With the prices of phones getting more premium and people getting less reluctant to pay for them, the budget segment is something that many...
lava r5 full review

Lava R5 Full review: A glamor phone that still does a good job

Although the Indian smartphone maker Lava hasn’t gained that much of popularity in the smartphone bazaar, their bar and feature phones are quite renowned...
samsung galaxy m10 review

Samsung Galaxy M10 Review: Samsung’s first budget phone done right?

So, Samsung replacing their Galaxy J-series with the new M-series is evident by now. And they have launched two new phones in the M-series...

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