CG iWear Smartwatch Launched in Nepal for Rs. 4,444

CG iWear Smartwatch photo
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CG Mobiles has launched their first wearable smart device — CG iWear. Priced at Rs. 4,444, the smartwatch supports both Android as well as iOS devices.

The CG iWear smartwatch sports a 1.44-inch rectangular touch screen. Although we don’t know the exact resolution and it’s type (LCD or LED), but during our hands-on time, the screen is nowhere comparable with the likes of Apple watch or even the first gen Galaxy gear. The interface is also nothing to write home about — it’s basically a copy of Android wear and Apple watch.

CG iWear Smartwatch photo - Choudhary group iWear smartwatch

What’s good about the device, however, is it supports notifications for Facebook, Gmail, twitter, phone calls and messages that allow a user to view notifications from the smartwatch via Bluetooth 4.0 Connection. The watch features an adjustable faux leather strap that places nicely on the wrist.

CG iWear

The CG iWear smartwatch comes with a handful of inbuilt apps like a fitness tracker that tracks your fitness thanks to Step and Calorie Counter. The sleep monitor app helps to monitor your sleep pattern.  The smartwatch comes with a 12 months warranty and is available all across Nepal via CG digital stores.

Hands-on Photos of CG iWear Smartwatch: