Detel’s “most economical electric vehicles” coming soon to Nepal

Detel Electric Vehicles coming soon to nepal Easy Plus Loader
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Detel announced two new electric vehicles—the Detel Easy Plus and Easy Loader in India during the India Auto Show 2021. And now, Detel has announced to launch these two electric vehicles in Nepal at an aggressive price. In this post, we will be taking a look at the features of the new EVs.

Detel: Company Overview

Detel was founded back in 2017 by Yogesh Bhatia. The company’s motto is to bridge the gap between price and functionality. It caters to price-sensitive markets with its value-for-money products. For instance, the Detel D1 feature phone was launched in 2017 for INR 299. However, the company deals in a wide range of products including phones, home appliances, EVs, and helmets. Detel designs its own products and manufactures them using local or imported technologies.

Lately, the company has been putting its effort to fuel the electric vehicle revolution in India. Now, with the forthcoming launch of its EVs in Nepal it wants to do the same in Nepal. For Detel, it’s a step to establishing a strong foothold in the South Asian market.

Detel Electric Vehicles Overview:

Detel Easy Plus

Here, the Detel Easy Plus is a successor to last year’s Detel Easy. The latter was the most affordable EV in India but has since been discontinued. The company also claims Detel Easy Plus to be the most economical electric vehicle in the world. It can achieve speeds of up to 25km per hour only. Thus, it doesn’t feature a disc brake mechanism. It can support a payload of up to 150kg and comes in four different colors – Yellow, Red, Teal Blue, and Royal Blue.

Detel Easy Loader

On the other hand, the Detel Easy Loader is a B2B product. Thus, it won’t be available for the general public. It will be available in both single and dual-battery setup. Compared to Easy Plus, it will support heavier payloads. It will be available in White color option only.

The batteries on either of them are removable and can be put back easily. You won’t need a driving license to take them to the road.


Detel looks to replace traditional bicycles with its latest electric scooters. These scooters are ideal for the distribution and delivery of products including newspapers, vegetables, fruits, and groceries. One can also use it to travel to schools, college, and even office.

Detel also promises these to be the most economical EVs. Each customer will also receive a personalized certificate as part of the Detel Green Nepal initiative. The company will plant a tree on the behalf of each customer. GeoTag of the tree will be included in the certificate.

Detel Electric Vehicles Price in Nepal

Detel has chosen Opal Multinational as its official business partner in Nepal. The company led by Mr. Nirajan Shrestha will oversee the company’s business in Nepal. Detel electric vehicles will soon be available in Nepal at a competitive price.

We will have to wait for the official confirmation regarding the pricing and availability of Detel Easy Plus and Easy Loader two-wheeler EVs in Nepal.

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