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In the world, where everything is being digitized, it is no surprise that even money is making that transition. Carrying heavy wallets or pulses loaded with cash, receipts, and credit cards is no longer necessary these days. With the creation of digital wallets or e-wallets, people now have been able to receive or make payments and keep track of it all with their phones. In addition to the simplicity on the use, users have also found performing monetary transactions on such mobile wallets safe and reliable.

What do digital wallets / Mobile wallets / E-wallets mean?

Digital wallets / Mobile wallets or E-wallets can be defined as a method of performing monetary transactions through electronic devices or mobile means. Use of mobile apps or internet/SMS to perform such transactions will be the examples. Using the digital wallet is easy. One just needs to register their account providing the number and email address. Once the registration is completed, users need to log in with their credentials. With the user logged in, they can make any suitable transactions sufficient to perform with the balance on their e-wallets.


esewa online payment gateway nepal

Developed by F1soft, eSewa is the most popular digital wallet in Nepal. With the popularity and the services it has offered, it has managed to garner myriads of users. In addition, with the mobile money license provided by the Nepal Rastra Bank, it has been able to expand its horizon and has also managed to create an upsurge in users’ trust.

With eSewa, users can perform a plethora of online transactions at ease. Be it the booking of movie tickets, doing online shopping or even making the flight reservation, users can make the payments easily via eSewa with few simple clicks. For the movie tickets booking, major multiplexes like Q’s Cinema, BigMovies, BSR Movies, View Cinemas Butwal and F-Cube Cinemas accepts payment via eSewa. As for the ticket booking, both domestic and international flight tickets can be booked using the eSewa wallet.

For the domestic air ticket booking, eSewa has partnered with some renowned airline companies like Yeti Air, Buddha Air, Saurya Air, Shree Air and Simrik Air. For the online shopping, popular names like Sastodeal.com, olizstore.com, Smart Doko, Threadpaints.com, Sudrz.com, and 101monkey have teamed up with eSewa. However, Daraz.com.np, the leading name in the online shopping business is missing in their list.

The services provided by eSewa does not end there. To facilitate the users and save them from the long and sluggish line, eSewa can be counted as a convenient medium for utility bills payment. Internet bills, newspaper subscription, and telephone bills payment can now be made from the convenient place possible for the users. Though limited to few places, this mobile wallet has also added the payment for electricity bills to its services lineup. In addition, postpaid and prepaid users of NTC, Ncell or CDMA can also find the scope of eSewa on recharging or topping up their mobile balance.

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eSewa has also been acting as a media to send and receive remittance. The number of Nepalese going abroad for foreign employment is growing every day. And the complications to send their hard earned money back to home is rising underway. To ease the users from such consequences, eSewa stepped ahead to be an exclusive digital remittance partner of Western Union.

Topping up the eSewa balance and withdrawing them in need is also hassle-free. For that, eSewa has befriended to nearly fifty banks and the list includes almost all the popular names. So far, eSewa has offered a wide range of services and seems to be expanding even more.

Although, this E-wallet has a mobile app for the ease of transactions, however, transaction through the app is not mandatory. Users can use eSewa services via SMS, which is free of cost. Furthermore, the digital wallet not only offers free services but also offers cash backs on the transactions. And the rewards on every transaction has doubly lured the users to use eSewa.


khalti digital wallet nepal

Khalti was launched at CAN infotech 2017 in the late January last year. And in just a year of time, it has offered a wonderful lineup of services. With such expanded services, it has been posing threats to the existing eSewa monopoly in the field of E-wallets. Khalti was also honored on the Google Business Group storytelling contest a few months back. The company had not just won the contest but was also declared the People’s Choice Winner at that time.

Previously Khalti was accessible only through the Android app and web platform. Starting from the last September, it has strived to serve the iOS users too.

In terms of services offered, Khalti is not much behind the leading eSewa. For the replenishment of the mobile balance, paying telephone, DTH and ISP bills, movie ticket booking and online domestic air ticket booking, this E-wallet is almost on par with the eSewa. Furthermore, Khalti can be used to purchase the Kaspersky Anti-virus, a renowned name to avoid the PC vulnerabilities from malware, viruses, frauds, and spyware. On the purchase of any title of the Kaspersky Anti-virus, Khalti is providing a whopping 28.5% bonus.

Khalti is putting strenuous efforts to drive the nation to a cashless digital ecosystem and to be the leader in that business. For that, it is expanding its lineup of services. Starting with Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Nepalgunj, Khalti has wooed Nepal Electricity Authority to accept the electricity bills payment via Khalti. In addition, this digital wallet has also become a medium for paying Khanepani bills on Itahari, Kakarvitta, and Dhanuka. And that seems to be expanded to other horizons too.

To lure its users, Khalti has offered generously offered bonus and cash back on the transactions. Currently, Khalti has teamed up with Nepal Investment Bank Limited, Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited, and Mega Bank Nepal Limited. On loading and withdrawing the Khalti balance, these banks are the way to go.


ipay nepal mobile wallet

iPay is a subsidiary of Muncha.com, which has garnered fame for being one of the online shopping destinations in Nepal. This mobile wallet started its services in 2010. Since then, it has been toiling to establish itself as an online payment gateway in Nepal. The iPay app is available both on the App Store and Play store. And its services can also be accessed through its website. Unlike Khalti and eSewa, which uses the email address or mobile number or both for the account setup, iPay solely depends on the email address for the account setup and demands it every time before letting you access your account.

As the iPay is owned by Muncha, it is sophisticated in the field of online shopping. And in the field of usual mobile wallets services like mobile balance top-us, online domestic air ticket booking, DTHs and ISPs bills payment, iPay is not much behind the eSewa and Khalti. In addition, in each transaction, iPay is providing a lavish amount of rewards.

Although the iPay had a long journey of the startup and despite providing a generous amount of rewards, it has failed to muster a large number of users and woe them to use the iPay services. Till now, this E-wallet has been able to team up with Nepal Investment Bank Limited, Kumari Bank Limited, Everest Bank Limited, Laxmi Bank, NIC Asia and Global IME Bank for the assistance in the business. And with the pace of progressions, we cannot expect much new services added to its lineup in a near future.


Adding to the list of digital wallets in Nepal, there is Nepzy.  Available on both iOS and Android platform, Nepzy app is simple and easy to use. The app opens up with the Red-gradient UI background with four icons portraying the functionality of the app.

On opening the app, users can see four icons popping on the foreground namely: Flight, Recharge/Bills, Holiday/Hotel, and Nepzy. However, the on clicking the Nepzy and Holiday/Hotel icons, I got 404 errors frequently. And even while testing it on my laptop, the options were lacking on the website. So the feature may be the planned project of Nepzy, which seems to be under construction.

The Recharge/Bills feature includes all the recharging and top-up related tasks. With Nepzy, users can recharge their mobile. Be it a Prepaid or Postpaid NTC/Ncell, Smart Cell or even the UTL, Nepzy gets the job done. Similarly, Nepzy can also be a way for the payment of  Landline, ADSL, DishHome and SIMTV Bills. On every top-ups and recharging, the E-wallet is offering cash back. However, the digital wallet has not included the payment options for the ISPs, which is a real bummer.

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But despite the deficiency, the app would be fruitful for the top-ups directly through the back balance in case of insufficiency of balance in the digital wallet. The app has partnered with the banks in SCT network, Nepal Investment Bank Limited, Global IME, Machhapuchhre, NIC ASIA, Mega, and NMB bank for the purpose. However, the app needs a valid promotional or voucher code to proceed. And needless to mention, it is mandatory that the users need to activate the E-banking service in the selected bank.

Furthermore, users can also book an air ticket using the app. Be it a one-way or a round trip, users can check all the available flights for a particular day by setting the place of origin and destination. Nepzy has partnered with Yeti, Shree, Buddha, and Shree Airlines till the date for the domestic flights.

The app started with a view to being an ultimate payment gateway for booking the hotels and holiday trips to the exotic places during the vacations. Nepzy also seems to have huge ambitions on being the media for the abroad air-ticket booking. However, the mobile wallet has not been much successful in the endeavor. With this pace and the ever-growing competitions in the field of digital wallets, it might be hard for Nepzy to garner the users.

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