Best ebook reader apps

Best EBook Reader Apps for the Voracious Bookworms

There are people out there, who feel crazy about reading. These people sometimes run out of money to buy books. And sometimes they are...
spotify premium mod terminated

Modified Spotify Premium apks will not work anymore

Last night on my way to travel, I fired up Spotify like I usually do. But this time around, the hacked version or the...
Ride hailing apps in Nepal

Top Ride Hailing Services in Nepal: Taxis now at your fingertips

Traveling in a public vehicle is often troublesome. Starting from the front door, one has to fight against the molecule-tight congestion. Furthermore, the surplus...
Respect and Rise App

Respect and Rise App – A new platform to discover, connect and inspire business

In this 21st century, social media has become a vital part of our daily life. People not only connect with their loved ones but...
Digital wallets Nepal

Top Digital Wallets in Nepal

In the world, where everything is being digitized, it is no surprise that even money is making that transition. Carrying heavy wallets or pulses...
Apps for Girls 2018 nepal

Five Apps Every Girl Should Have in Their Smartphones

One doesn’t need factual evidence to know that men and women differ in their needs to use a smartphone. Similarly, the choices of applications...
instagram insta story notification

Instagram rolling out update to notify users if someone screenshots their Instagram Stories

Instagram was launched in 2010 exclusively for the iOS users. The aim was to make it a platform through which people could communicate through...
best health and fitness apps for healthier lifestyle

Best Health and Fitness Apps for Healthy Lifestyle

We generally understand healthy as the state of being well. And having a good health is inarguably the greatest wealth any living being could...
most popular android games over the years

The Most Popular Mobile Games Downloaded Over the Years

Android phones are seriously popular, you are probably using one as well. With a sizable lead over their competitors and one of the biggest...
wow time ntc iptv nepal

WOW Time introduces subscription based service

The idea of getting to watch live TV anywhere and anytime using your smartphone with the help of cellular data and WIFI is fun...

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