Doohan iTank smart e-scooter with dual front wheels launching soon in Nepal

Doohan iTank Price in Nepal Electric Three Wheeler E-Scooter
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People’s attraction towards electric vehicles is growing every day, as it naturally should. From their eco-friendly nature to other benefits, this is the future. And now, Doohan, an electric vehicle manufacturer from China is set to launch the Doohan iTank in Nepal. So, let’s look at the specs, availability, and expected price of the Doohan iTank in Nepal.

Doohan iTank Overview:

The iTank is a three-wheeler that will accelerate from 0 to 28 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds. Its 26Ah lithium removable batteries output 62 miles. It also has a 50:50 weight balance and a low center of gravity, as well as a reversible lithium-ion battery that can charge in 6 hours.

In terms of design, it features side-deflecting dual front wheels to help the scooter while tilting on tight turns without toppling over or letting the rider lose control.

Doohan iTank Design

The dual front wheel is the most intriguing aspect of this vehicle. Doohan’s front dual-wheel system stands out with an aviation-level wrought aluminum front suspension and a sturdy steel chassis. Furthermore, the dedicated smartphone app gives riders an additional level of access.

Moving on, the Doohan iTank features a customized BOSCH motor with 1852W power, 120 Nm maximum torque, 15º elevation angle, and a 90% energy conversion rate. This e-scooter has 130mm of minimum ground clearance and a saddle height of 750mm.

Moreover, the iTank gets its “smartness” since it connects to your smartphone. With this, you can trail your routes or learn about other details like battery efficiency, charge level, device location, etc. You can also un/lock the scooter via the app. Unfortunately, it’s only available in App Store for now.


  • Dimension: 1780 x 730 x 1030mm (L x W x H)
  • Wheel Base: 1250mm
  • Track Front: 460mm
  • Standard Power Consumption: 1.7 kW/h
  • Range: Up to 62 miles
  • Top Speed: First Gear – 25 km/h, Second Gear – 45 km/h
  • Front Brake Model: 160mm Dual-piston Hydraumatic Disc Brake
  • Rear Brake Model: 190mm Dual-piston Hydraumatic Disc Brake
  • Minimum Ground Clearance: 130mm
  • Seat Height: 750mm
  • Maximum leaning/steering angle: ≤30º / ≤32.5º
  • Battery: 26Ah 18650 Ternary Lithium battery, 60V, 9kg
    • * Doohan iTank is available in single/dual-battery version
  • Standard Charging Time: 6A ~ 7A
  • Charge & Discharge Times: 600 times

Doohan iTank Price in Nepal and Availability

In 2016, Doohan launched iTank as a $3,999 Kickstarter initiative. And the e-scooter is set to launch soon in Nepal. We expect the price of Doohan iTank in Nepal to be around NPR 450,000 when it launches shortly.

Smart Electric Scooter Price in Nepal (Expected)
Doohan iTank NPR 450,000
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