Google Launches Home Mini and Home Max Speakers with Google Assistant

Google Home Mini Max features price specs
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Google’s #madebygoogle event was an exhilarating ride for us tech enthusiasts. While most of the companies are grasping the consumer’s attention with flashy and gimmicky features, Google is being more practical and looking ahead in the future. They are pushing AI first in everything and it is literally everything Google produces from now on. One of the most interesting things with AI incorporated were the Google Home Mini and Google Home Max smart speakers. Both are powered by the Google Assistant and will go head to head with the likes of Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, and Apple Home Pod.

Google Home Mini:


Google Home Mini is one of the most affordable product from Google’s event with the price tag of just US$49. It is utmost minimal and small and can be placed in any corner of your home. More of these can be used in multiple rooms as you can broadcast messages to other speakers from a speaker.

It is covered in fabric to go well with the homely environment. The aesthetics are pleasing with a circular design and subtle colors. There are four lights on the top to indicate the Google Home Mini is listening or thinking. You can adjust the volume by tapping on the sides of the speaker and there’s a mute switch on the back. You can play and pause music by tapping on the center of the speaker. With its circular design, it is capable of producing 360degree sound.

According to Google, Google Home Mini sounds better than the Amazon Echo Dot and it’s loud as well. Google Home Mini uses MicroUSB and it doesn’t seem to tick the innovation Google is aiming for, but then again, it’s cheap.

Google Home Max:


Google Home Max is where the real AI comes into play. Along with Google Assistant, it comes with Google’s Machine Learning called Smart Sound. It basically adapts the sound from the speaker based on your environment. With its intelligent equalizer, the speaker identifies the type of audio you’re listening to, like songs, news or podcast and provides the best audio possible for those content. Wherever you place the speakers, either in the corner or the center of the room, it identifies those areas and provides an unadulterated sound experience. It listens to itself and adjusts accordingly to your settings. As an example, the Google Home Max lowers the audio in the morning and whenever you’re running a motor or your dog is barking in the background it automatically loudens the audio. And even with loudest of sound, your faintest “ok google” will be detected by the Google Home Max.

It comes in a rectangular form factor with minimal design. It can be placed either vertically or horizontally with the use of its magnetic base plate. It comes with two 4.5-inch-high excursion woofers and custom tweeters that can easily cover a large living area. You can connect it with Bluetooth or use a direct aux cable. Google Home Max is 20 times powerful than last year’s Google Home in terms of audio. It luckily comes with USB C. But the Google Home with all its futuristic features isn’t that cheap. The feel of sci-fi in your home comes with the price of US$399 and with that, you get YouTube Music Ad Free for 12 months.