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Google Pixel 7 Series Launch Date

Latest leak sheds light on launch and pre-order dates for Pixel 7 Series

Google has just started shipping the Pixel 6a, and we already have Google Pixel 7 rumors appearing online. It's already confirmed that Google will...
Google Pixel 6a Price in Nepal Specifications Features Availability Launch

Pixel 6a with OLED display, Tensor chip launched in India

This year's Google I/O event saw multiple launches, including the much-awaited Pixel 6a. With the new design and tensor chip, the phone is being...
Google Pixel Fold Rumors

Google Pixel Fold leaks hint towards a smaller 5.8 inch outer screen

Google has kept the possibility of a Google Pixel Fold device under wraps. Nonetheless, the leaks and rumors continue to pour in like a...
Google Pixel Phone June feature drop

Google brings Locked Folder, Night Sight video to Pixel phones in the latest update

Google had its I/O conference last month, during which the company announced Android 12 and a raft of other features. And now, feature drop...
Google Pixel 4a Price Nepal

Google’s Pixel 4a finally makes its official debut with a bare minimum of specs

The rumors had been swirling around for a while. And now it's finally here. The follow-up to the affordable Pixel 3a was launched today....
Smartphone manufacturers opting Snapdragon 765G instead of flagship 865

Smartphone makers to opt for Snapdragon 765G instead of the flagship 865?

Price of flagship smartphones are already too high, imagine what a more expensive chipset will do to its cost. Qualcomm, in its bid to...
Google Pixel 5 snapdragon 765G

Pixel 5 series to ditch flagship processor for Snapdragon 765G

What comes to your mind when you hear Pixel? Flagship devices from Google? Now that is set to change with the upcoming Google Pixel...
Android 11

Google releases the Android 11 Developer Preview earlier than expected

Every year we wait eagerly for smartphone brands to drop their latest smartphones. Most of the time its the hardware part that grabs the...
google Pixel 4 DxOMark score

Google Pixel 4 underperforms on DxOMark test: Falls behind the OnePlus 7 Pro

Smartphone manufacturers have been using DxOMark scores lately to flaunt their phones' photography prowess. It is an independent benchmark score for a camera-equipped product,...
google pixel 4xl review

Google Pixel 4/4XL Impressions: Great hardware but still far from perfect!

At MadeByGoogle 2019 event, Google showcased its new Pixel 4 and 4XL smartphones. These smartphones seriously have some amazing features. There are also some...