LG shows off G3 in its LG G3 teaser!

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    If you’ve been thinking that LG G2 was the best smartphone, well think again coz LG have now started drum-rolling its new flagship’s launch with LG G3 teaser videos!

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    I won’t say much but let you decide yourself for how HOT you expect this device to be! For us, well its pretty neat for a flagship device!

    LG G3 teaser: Design

    By looking at this LG G3 teaser featuring design, it seems that G3 will continue the G2’s innovative and functional home-button-below-the-camera design! Plus an “all aluminum” metallic finish can’t escape to catch the eye.

    LG G3 teaser: Display

    It looks like a WQHD display is on the cards with the new G3. We expect the screen size to be ~5 inches so, the resolution should completely justify the screen.

    LG G3 teaser: Camera

    The video regarding the LG G3 camera is short, but it confirms that the company has armed the flagship 13MP snapper with a laser auto-focus system. It is designed to help the G3 make better shots at night and focus faster.

    The LG’s launch event is on 28th May(Asia-Pacific time) and they’re live-streaming the event via their G3 website, so mark your calendar guys! Plus source tells that two versions: Plastic and Metallic G3’s are going to be announced!

    What do you think? Let us know.