Official: LG G6 to be Water and Dust Resistant Phone

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The LG G6 is the most teased phone from LG. The phone launch is now just lesser than a week away, but LG keeps teasing its feature one after another. Recently, the LG released two different teaser clips on their YouTube channel. These two clips hint on two features that the next LG’s flagship will be bringing along. Now, we can confidently say that the LG G6 will be the first water and resistant phone from LG.

LG G6: Pool (Teaser Breakdown)

The first teaser video LG uploaded yesterday was titled “LG G6: Pool”. There is nothing detailed on an 11second teaser video other than the pool itself and a girl swimming from one corner to another. The end of the video is what mattered that showed the slow animation of LG G6 schematic over the pool. Now, one of the rumors of LG G6 just turned into reality and LG G6 will be the first water resistant phone from the LG. But to find out, which IP certification it will be having we just have to hold our horses for few more days.

LG G6: Flour (Teaser Breakdown)

The second teaser video LG uploaded yesterday was titled “LG G6: Flour”. Well, it was kind of obvious. Every water resistant phone comes with the dust resistance and so does the LG G6. This video was even shorter and was only seven seconds long. The video has nothing but floor poured on a table and at the very end, the slow animation of the phone hinted at the LG G6 to be dust resistant as well.


Are these the only teasers from LG? Well, the answer is No. LG has been releasing such teasers like from a month ago. We have covered breaking down such teaser video to reveal its rumors. If you haven’t read it before, you may read it here:

LG G6: Teaser Video Breakdown 

Now we know the LG G6 will be the first water and dust resistant phone from LG. But the IP certification rating is still in shadow. So, will it be IP65 or IP67 or IP68 certified? To get an answer, mark the date of Feb 26, 2017. It is the day the phone will be launched at Barcelona, Spain.