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One Plus X has taken a more premium approach from outside but from inside, it is same as the One plus One. Now available in Nepal for Rs. 28700, One plus X provides us a stunning mid-ranger capable of delivering on both looks and performance. However, we’ll be discussing the 4 reasons why you should buy one plus x and 3 reasons why you shouldn’t in this article. So, Let’s get started with the pros first:


The First reason to consider buying the OnePlus X is obviously the design. The device has a gorilla glass on the front and back with an anodized metal frame on the side that provides a nice feel to it. Because of its compact form factor, it is really easy for one hand usage. Overall, the One Plus X in terms of build quality and design aesthetics is a complete stunner.

one plus x (5)

#2 AMOLED Display

Reason number two to buy the One Plus X is the display. You have a 1080p display with AMOLED panel and you probably won’t see such a great AMOLED display on a phone at this price tag. Colors are vivid, sunlight legibility is top class and the viewing experience is great .The blacks are inky deep blacks, however, it’s not as bright when compared to flagships phones like Galaxy S7. Having an AMOLED display makes the One Plus X a battery efficient phone. The dark mode in the UI coupled with AMOLED display is a major battery saver.

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#3 Software UI

And the third thing to buy the One Plus X is UI or the operating system of the phone itself. The phone is running on OnePlus’s own Oxygen OS which is pretty much stock like, but comes with a lot of tweaking functionality. You have features like off-screen gestures, the option to switch between onscreen and off-screen navigation buttons, tweak the quick settings panels, add color accent in system settings and control the app permissions.

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You also have the quick alert slider on the left which makes toggling between different modes really quick and easy. The company One Plus is also known for providing regular android updates which we do not see on a lot on phones in this price category.

#4 Performance

The fourth thing why you should buy one plus x is its performance. Although it packs an older 32bit snapdragon 801 quad-core chipset, it is quite a capable processor. Coupled with Adreno 330 GPU and 3GB of RAM, the performance is a complete beast. You can watch Full HD videos, play high-end games without any lags or stutter, and the multitasking is fluid and snappy.

one plus x

OnePlus X is not a flagship handset, for that, we know we have the OnePlus 2. It comes with some compromise which you should be aware of before buying it.

#1 Average Camera

The first reason why you shouldn’t buy the one plus x is because of its average camera performance. Although the 13MP camera looks good on paper, but in real life usage, it’s pretty average compared to other phones at a similar price.  On daylight, the camera performs pretty well and captures images pretty fast but on a medium and low light, the Captured images generally look a little hazy and lack fine detail. Video quality is fairly good, although the camera’s microphone is a little underpowered, so sound quality isn’t stellar.

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The 8-megapixel front camera, on the other hand, is more than capable of shooting decent selfies with images turning out to be bright and clean.

#2 Battery

The second reason not to buy the OnePlus X is its average battery life. It has a 2525mAh battery and coupled with an older 32bit processor it yields in an average result. Also, the phone lacks quick charge feature meaning it will take more than 2 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.

one plus x battery

#3 Heating issue

The third and final reason why you shouldn’t buy the OnePlus X is its heating issue. While playing games or using it for a longer period of time, the phone tends to heat up.  Although, there is no heating experience while normal usage.

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