Win Nexus 5 by making a How-to video!

    Honor X9b Ad
    Honor X9b Ad

    It seems as if Ncell is not done bringing offers for its users, isn’t it!?

    But now it announces something which actually deserves a praise  . Call it a sheer marketing campaign but I see something more in the latest iteration of Ncell offer.
    Now you could win a Nexus 5 handset every week by making a How-to video about any of the Ncell services.

    This is a new Ncell campaign through which the winner will get a Nexus 5 handset plus 1 GB data ( for 3 months ) and a lucky winner gets the Retina iPad mini.

    A how-to video is a video that is made to explain its viewers about using anything or as it’s name says- “How to do stuffs”. Go on YouTube and you’ll find plenty of these.

    Well it’s pretty easy peasy. All you have to do is make a how-to video explaining how to use Ncell’s services. They will provide topics for each week here. Then submit it by uploading video on the same page. You’re now eligible.

    Yeah, actually. There are couple of things you’d like to keep in mind to participate:
    1. The video must be in Nepali language some terms though can be in English.
    2. The video must be less than 45 MB and should be less than 150 seconds. You can use various formatting softwares even Windows Movie maker to reduce your video size.
    3. Make sure what you’re trying to show is visible in the video.
    4. The audio should be clear enough for the viewers to understand, of course.
    5. Ncell says that you can participate every week, WOW!
    6. No offensive languages must be used… of course!!!

    Well folks, we’re pretty excited how the participation comes up because we think that not only this competition serves as a marketing campaign for Ncell but also would serve as a huge chance for people to be indulge towards self-made videos.
    After all, we’re all tired watching Sajin Maharjan aren’t we!? No offense Sajin, we love you!!!

    We would have been happier if Ncell was to let users post their videos on YouTube so that other people could also see this. And would also greatly increase people’s YouTube mobilization on these stuffs (other than watching funny videos and Comedy nights with Kapil).

    We encourage all of our readers to participate and do let us know your experience…