5 Crazy things 5G will be able to do in the future

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    We all know that 5G is arriving by the end of the decade, and we all know what it is capable of. Nokia, one of the leading research companies in 5G technology, demonstrated the 5G speed of 30 Gb/s. For starters, that’s thousand times faster than the current 4G connection. With such speed, Nokia forecasts that 5G will have some interesting capabilities in the future. Here are the 5 crazy things 5G will be able to do in the future:

    1. Driverless car:
      The major problem existing right now with the self-driving cars is that the current wireless technology has a higher rate of Latency (time taken by a packet of data to get from one designated point to another). If there is high latency, there will be a lag between the car’s sensor and the data centre sending data’s to the car.
      self-driving-cars Since 5G cellular technology uses the spectrum above 6GHz, it offers offer ‘virtually zero’ latency. This leads to self-driving cars being more reliable and the case for accidents and crash will be very rare.
    2. Virtual Reality:
      5G will provide a new era for online video gamers. When you put on a virtual reality machine on your head, you will be able to enjoy a virtual world by interacting with the games, different scenes, etc. However, with the help of 5G, you will be able to send remote commands in real time without noticeable latency, making Virtual Reality look like a real life experience.
    3. Immersive UHD Multimedia Experience
      If you are a sports fan, you will definitely love this one. Just imagine watching your favorite team play in real-time on your TV. With 5G’s ridiculous fast speed, you will be able to watch real-time goals, tackles, passes from various angles, and get the most out of the game. Other interesting service scenarios include interactive 360° movies, online games, remote education, and live concerts.
    4. Smart Homes
      With the capabilities of 5G system design, it will provide support for up to a million simultaneous connections enabling all your home appliances and devices to communicate with each other autonomously. Examples include a smart fire extinguisher that alerts your neighbouring home in case of emergency, a smart refrigerator that recommends a recipe to be cooked with ingredients that are already in your refrigerator and considering a number of calories your body needs, thanks to a smart watch that is constantly monitoring your energy level in your body.5G-smart city
    5. Rise of the Robots
      With 5G’s low latency and high speed, it will immensely allow wireless robots to perform complicated tasks that you have never heard of. The Internet of Things lets masts(towers) connect with thousands of sensors and machines with which Robots can be used in various applications like robotic surgical tools, surveillance drones, etc