Five Apps Every Girl Should Have in Their Smartphones

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One doesn’t need factual evidence to know that men and women differ in their needs to use a smartphone. Similarly, the choices of applications on their phones also differ. While all the girls are not similar in nature, we can, on a very surface level, generalize what they would want ordinarily. After all, girls are girls and they will have things in common.

Here I share with you five apps that every girl should have on their phones.


First and foremost, here is something of utmost vitality, the Clue app. While there are girls who can accurately keep track of their periods, there are some like me, who have a hard time remembering dates. Clue is the perfect solution for you to keep track of your periods and menstruation health. The app is very interactive in use and not only lets you track your periods but PMS and body status, emotional status and the like.

Frankly, I wasn’t even aware that there were so many things we could track, but with this app, I am now keeping a record of everything and nothing goes out of notice. You can, with this app, also keep track of your cravings, pain, emotions, digestion, hair and skin condition etc. Reminders can be set and received as per convenience. Cues regarding PMSs can be accurately monitored through this app, so when you are feeling low around that time of the month, you will know exactly what it is!  This is not just a period tracker, it is a savior! It’s one impressive application and can work wonders for us ladies.

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I know how most of us girls like their pictures to come out social media ready, but, to our utter sadness, that is not what happens generally. For us girls, there is an ultimate need to make sure the pictures look pretty, because, hello, we cannot post ugly photos of us! There are solutions to this problem in forms of photo editing apps but the options for editing are so limited and the edit quality is not very good.

Also, most photo editing apps make your pictures look unnatural. So, there is this application I use for editing my pictures, called Snapseed. There are various filter options available in this application and to our absolute happiness, a lot of editing tools that help you make your pictures look gorgeous.From blurring the background to smoothing your skin tone, all is possible through this application. Besides, it is a wonderful smile editor app that allows correcting the color of your teeth, their size, the shape of a smile, and more. 

Snapseed is not just useful for enhancing portraits but choices are available for enhancing scenery and silhouettes too. There is an abundance of tools you can use to enhance, make your picture more detailed and many more. Girls, with this photo editing app, some jealous eyes are certainly going to catch your Instagram feed.

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Remember the time when an out-of-his-mind stranger kept calling you and you had no idea who it was? Remember all the flirty messages from that unknown stalker who tested your patience? Well, that is not going to happen anymore! Truecaller, I must say, ladies, is one app that every one of us should have. I don’t mean boys don’t need to know who’s calling them but it holds a special importance for us girls. With the Truecaller app, you can get the identity of every single person calling and messaging you. So, no more bluff or fake calls or annoying messages from people who are not in your contact list.

Further, it also blocks spam calls automatically.It identifies people, who, normally would not be identified. With the Truecaller app, all the information you need before picking up an unknown call will be displayed right in front of your eyes. This way you can always choose to ignore suspicious calls from an unidentified source. This app can be your personal tool to a safer you! As far as your safety is concerned, Truecaller is a must have app for all the girls out there.

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Healthify me

Other things kept aside, we girls have our fitness track and a figure to maintain. This application is a simple way to keep track of your food consumption, water intake, steps walked and calories burnt. This is a complete package, as you can set goals and make sure you reach them through an overall tracking mechanism. Healthify me can be your personal diet planner, your secret to a healthier and fitter you! If you lack motivation, the app shows you references of people who actually used this app to gain a healthier lifestyle.

What’s good news is, unlike other health tracking apps that are not relevant in the South Asian context, this one can track how many bowls of rice you ate for lunch, how many rotis you had, so it’s actually kind of relevant to our framework. The results are very accurate and are shown in an analysis table that is easily comprehensible and comparable. The app also awards you with points so you can actually compete against your own records or make a group with people similar to you! This is a refreshing and useful app and you girls should definitely give it a try.

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Big Oven

The relationship between kitchen and women goes way back to history. Big Oven is something for the cooking enthusiasts out there. This is one recipe app that home cooks can use to find recipes from a variation of over 350,000 choices of different categories. From recently discovered ideas on cooking to snacks to desserts, you will find recipes for a variety of food and meals. You can add your own recipe for anything you like too. Similarly, you can follow and be followed and get connected to other cooking enthusiasts like you!

Further, it lets you make a grocery list of your own to take it to the store helping you organize your purchases. Big Oven also comes with a meal planner and lets you plan your daily meals. What’s good news is that you find Indian to Japanese to Continental recipes, all in one application. All you have to do is type the name of the dish and recipes from various people will appear right in front of your eyes. Once you click on the dish, you get three choices, first is the ingredients, second is how to prepare them and third is the nutrition details (calories and fat details). So, with this app, you are not only cooking new and different dishes, you are getting information about the nutrition it is providing too.

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