5G Powered Smart Hotel from Oppo: Revolution In Hospitality Industry?

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A new era of connectivity. That’s how 5G was introduced to the world. A revolution that pushes the boundaries for what humans can achieve with technology. And one such revolution that can be seen already is the 5G Powered hotel by Oppo.

The Oppo 5G hotel is the worlds first 5G powered traveling hotel, currently only operating in Australia. Its launch came right after the launch of Oppo Reno 5G in Australia. With its launch, Oppo aims to demonstrate real-world application of 5G to people all over the world.

Shipping containers turned into the world’s smartest hotel is how you can best describe the Oppo 5G hotel. And that too at a reasonable cost of $150 per night! This shipping container-cum-hotel will travel around places in Australia that have 5G access. The hotel has a black matte exterior and has one-bedroom rooms. The hotel’s integrated smart feature is what sets it apart from an average hotel.

5G Powered Smart Hotel from Oppo

The Oppo Reno 5G acts as the brain of the room as it basically powers everything there is. It controls television, mirror, gaming suite and the Google Home Hub system in the room. The Gaming Suite allows guests to experience high-quality gaming via the Reno 5G. The steam link connects it to a computer inside the hotel. Thus, guests have the option to play games on the PC or leverage its 5G capabilities to access games and run them anywhere inside the hotel using Reno 5G as a portable screen. 

Furthermore, the devices’ connection to the mirror transforms the mirror inside the hotel to “Smart Mirrors”. The smart mirror is capable of rendering videos, provide perfect lighting for mirror selfies and many more.

oppo 5g smart hotel smart mirror

Also, the rooms have integrated Google Home hub. Thereby it allows users to utilize features of a smart home. Using only their voice, guests can control the lighting of the room, play music and many more. All in all, they can immerse themselves completely in the technology around them.

Moreover, the hotel allows you to use a range of Oppo AR apps inside. For instance, you can view a collection of clothes in a virtual AR runway and choose one that you like. With 5G being much faster than 4G technology, the peak time congestion will probably be limited too. Thus users can enjoy buffer-free online content.

For now, the hotel is moving through Australia to places that have 5G access. However, if it renders successful, we’ll probably get to see it soon all over the world. By the look of it, this 5G powered hotel will bring a huge revolution in the hospitality industry. Established businesses will have to compete with up and coming “smart hotels”.