Airbus planning to develop Flying Car prototype before the end of this year

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    There are many people, who have the fantasies to see the driving cars in the air. This fantasy will no longer be confined to your to your imagination as Airbus is planning to develop flying car prototype at the end of this year.

    Traffic jams making us late to the work is not a new problem. The gridlock because of the myriads of vehicles in the road is also inviting an environmental (sound and air) pollution. Moreover, the investment for making roads and bridges is devouring the budget of the nation and hindering other developments. Keeping all the problems in mind, Airbus is going to develop a flying car as the solution to all those problems.

    “One hundred years ago, urban transport went underground, now we have the technological wherewithal to go above ground,” Airbus CEO Tom Enders unveiled his enthusiasm to the DLD digital tech conference in Munich.

    For the sake of shaping the self-piloted flying car plan into reality, Airbus formed a division called Urban Air Mobility last year. The division primarily focuses on discovering concepts about the transportation through the air media. The Airbus has conceived the vehicle to be helicopter-styled capable of carrying multiple riders.

    Hoping to be the pioneer in the flying vehicle business, Jorg Muller, from Airbus’ corporate development department said, “This market will develop quickly once we are able to deploy the first vehicles in megacities and demonstrate the benefits of quiet, emission-free air transport at competitive prices.”

    CEO Enders implied that Airbus, being the world’s largest commercial helicopter maker would always be focused on inviting technology to its traction system. Enders also showed his interests to invite autonomous driving and artificial intelligence in order to usher the humankind to the epoch of flying cars. According to the Enders, the “sky taxi” would be 100 percent electric and he further implied to bring the vehicle until 2021 if the prototype gets ready at the end of this year.