Apex Digital Launched Smart Diary in Nepal

    Smart Diary by apex digital
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    Apex Digital, has launched Smart Diary in Nepal last week. The diary is available for purchase exclusively at any Apex Digital Smart Stores. The diary comes in three different colors (pink, green and black) and is priced at NRs. 3,999. The smart diary comes with 10000mAh battery pack so that you can charge your phones on the go. Additionally, you can also find a flash drive with a capacity of 8GB placed beautifully on its clip.

    A Closer Look at the “Smart Diary” from Apex Digital

    Smart Diary Price in Nepal

    The smart diary from Apex Digital comes in three different colors of Pink, Green, and Black. Not just the colors, these diaries differ in the texture used on their covers as well. The Green one has a little rough texture to it and the black on has a smoother on and that of pink is just in-between. The diary gives a nice feeling to the hands while carrying. Thanks to the leather like material on top and padding used inside of it. The diary has a magnetic clip to it and the detachable flash drive is placed well in it. When opening the diary from the front there’s nothing much different about it with some card compartments underneath the cover and first page to mention the personal information. Turning further, you’ll find some important emergency numbers followed by the map of Nepal. The following three pages have the month calendar for the year 2017. Thereafter, comes the regular diary pages for keeping the memorandum.

    It is at the last page of the diary that you’ll find the instruction paper. In case, you’re wondering what’s so smart about the diary then it comes after turning the last page. That is when you’ll find three different connecting cables of the power bank with the capacity of 10,000mAh. The first USB cable connector is for charging the power bank itself. Next two cables are for charging your iOS or Android device with lightening port or USB type B port, respectively. There are also four LED lights for the indication of battery level of the power bank. To turn on the power bank there’s a button alongside the battery indicator. When you’re done charging your device, just detach your device and the power bank will turn off by itself after few seconds from detachment.


    Well, it’s kind of a new product and we don’t get to see many of such products in Nepal. As far as my opinions are concerned, I’d say this isn’t the diary for everyone. It is for those who keep carrying three things, pen drive, power bank and a diary, separately almost like every day. With a purchase of this smart diary, you can have all those three things more organized.

    But in my daily use, this dairy was a little heavier than the last ones I used, it may be because the 10000mAh battery pack contributing good weight to the overall weight of the diary. It won’t be out of place to mention the diary itself and the pages used in it are of good quality.