Apple’s September 2016 Event: What to Expect?

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Alright everyone tighten your seatbelt as we are a few weeks away from Apple’s Special Event. We all know Apple typically introduces iPhone in September. Apple is widely expected to debut the iPhone 7 (name may vary) at the upcoming September Special Event to be held on 30th Sept. as revealed by Barbara Streisand after she had spoken to Apple CEO, Tim Cook. The murmurs and rumors of new iPhone had already started even before the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held on June 13, 2016. Today we will go through the expectations and sum up all those rumors and information about what Apple might announce during its keynote.

Great Confusion- When’s an event?

According to Bloomberg, Apple will reportedly unveil its next iPhone on 7th September but Barbra Streisand (a famous actress who recently called Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook complaining about the pronunciation made by Siri), said Event will be held on 30th September. The well-known phone-leaker Evan Blass also supported Bloomberg. And we also think 7th Sept. would be the right date if we go through those past events. If Apple does have an event that day, it’ll also be the final day of IFA 2016 in Berlin and all people will have their attention only for Apple Special Event, but it’ll have to compete with Sony’s PlayStation event, where we expect to hear more about the upgraded PlayStation 4 console and the rumors says it’s going to support 4K games (this will be the entire next article).


iPhone 7/ iPhone 7Plus/ iPhone 7 Pro:

In September 2015, Apple introduced two models of iPhone (iPhone 6S and 6S Plus) followed by a smaller model, iPhone SE in March 2016. And September has always been a great month for Apple and its fans, it is more likely that Apple will reveal a new model of iPhone (probably they are going to name it iPhone 7) and every year the design is speculated by the fans and the Apple users. Talking about the specifications/features, we just don’t know yet but we in this section deals with all the rumors going around the world. The coming iPhone 7 is going to drop the headphone jack and also include a new home button with haptic feedback, and it will look a lot like the 6S. For a completely redesigned iPhone, we have to wait for some months. There has also been the talk of an iPhone 7 Pro which is thought to have better photo-taking capabilities – like a dual-camera setup.

In Weibo (Chinese Microblogging Website which is used by 30% of internet users and it is hybrid of Facebook and Twitter), the following photo (down below) is gaining popularity. MacRumors reported that the antenna bands across the rear will apparently be moved to the top, while the camera lens will sit flush rather than protrude as it does currently. Now we don’t know much about every specification. We will update about everything in the next article.

iphone 7 leaks

iOS 10

iOS 10 was unveiled at WWDC earlier this year and since then it has released several beta builds (Oh my god beta 10 is already out) to both developers and the public, giving us a good idea of what to expect from the final software. We all are waiting for the final release of it and of course what could be a better time than the September Event. So be in position for the final update which we all have been waiting since June. The new iOS will support a number of new features designed to enhance an iPhone even more beyond what the company launched in iOS 9 last year. The biggest update as claimed by Apple, there will be at least 10 major features, including a HomeKit Home app as well as changes to Siri (Siri is expected to have major change), the lock screen, and photos. We will update our readers about the every feature on next article.

iPad Pro

Last year, Apple combined what would normally be two events into one giant event. At the event, it announced the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus alongside 12.9-inch iPad Pro on one day and a 9.7-inch version was unveiled months later. Apple may again do that same thing, no one but they know it.

However, according to noted analyst Ming- Chi Kuo, Apple will refresh its iPad lineup in 2017, with three new iPads which may range from 9.7 inches to 12.9 inches. According to him, Apple plans to introduce a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro model next year which go along with a 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2 as well as low-cost 9.7-inch iPad model. Apple will keep its September event focused only on iPhone if Kuo is right and more than this even we could not say. But of course, don’t forget we are here to update you if any leaks happen.

MacBook Pro

We all are a bit disappointed at WWDC earlier this year as we didn’t see any update in MacBook Pro beside MacOS. At WWDC 2016, everyone thought Apple was going to update its MacBook Pro line but Apple did not give any sign of it that time. Now the world is expecting refreshed models to come out this autumn instead. We know there are two sizes of MacBook Pro: a 13-inch model that was last updated in March 2015, and updated in May 2015 was a 15-inch model. So, nobody can imagine Apple is going two full years without rolling out MacBook Pro models. Also, the Apple fans have not imagined it and they are really taking this to heart.

macbook pro

Rumors suggest that the new ones are on the way and are ready to burst and capture the market. What’s more, the upcoming laptops won’t have faster processors and even they won’t have thinner bodies, which we all pretty much expect. They are heavily tipped to feature an OLED touch panel and a Touch ID sensor in their keyboards which may be embedded.

However, Bloomberg reported in earlier this month that the new computer will be a no-show at Apple’s upcoming September Event. So sad Apple fans but don’t worry as the event is approaching near and till then what can we do besides hoping, waiting and watching. And don’t forget we are here to update on each and every leaks, murmurs, rumors, and information.

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