AQFiT A11 TWS Review: Light, Comfortable, and Budget Friendly

AQfit A11 TWS Review
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As the popularity of wireless earbuds soars in Nepal, we are seeing more companies enter the competition. One such brand is AQFiT which is an Indian company that specializes in affordable wearables including TWS and smartwatches. It recently launched the AQFiT A11 in the Nepali market via Tech Studio. I have used it for a fair amount of time and in this review, I’ll be sharing all my findings of the AQFiT A11 TWS earbuds.

AQFiT A11 TWS Earbuds Specifications:

  • Body: 88 x 80 x 70mm, 70 grams (including case)
  • Battery: 4-6 hours (single charge) | 25 hours (with case)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth v5.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
  • Audio: Dynamic drivers, HiFi sound quality, Voice assistance
  • Phone calls: cVc noise cancellation, Dual microphones
  • Water resistance: IPX5 splash/sweat proof
  • Other features: LED display in the case
  • Price in Nepal:  Rs. 3,299

AQFiT A11 TWS Review:

In the box

As expected, the AQFiT A11 TWS comes with a basic package. You will find the earbuds placed inside the charging case. The company also includes two additional pairs of ear tips. Finally, we get a Type-A to MicroUSB charging cable. There is no adapter included with the TWS.

AQfit A11 TWS Accessories


  • Pebble-shaped charging case
  • Lightweight earbuds, soft eartips

The AQFiT TWS 11 comes in a charging case whose shape resembles a pebble. Its corners and edges are rounded which makes it comfortable to hold. It is made of plastic with a rubbery finish on top. As a result, it attracts fingerprint marks and smudges. So, you will find yourself cleaning the case more often.

AQfit A11 TWS Case Design

Plus, AQFiT’s logo has been slapped on the top. Similarly, there is a charging port on the front. Moving to the inside, you get an LED panel as the battery indicator which is quite unique.

The earbuds are made from plastic and thus are very light. I didn’t have a problem having it on my ears even after hours of use. Plus, I will say that they are quite minimalistic as well. The stem, since it’s short, doesn’t stick out much. You do have silicone tips but they didn’t conceal the ear as much I would have liked. The stem has a glossy finish with the company’s logo printed on it, which again doesn’t look that premium.

AQfit A11 TWS Earbud

Control and Connectivity

  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Touch control on the sides

Even for such a low asking price, AQFiT has managed to include touch-enabled control. The touch area is quite limited so the controls are not always smooth. That being said, you can do a bunch of things with it. It has all the basic playback controls. A single tap on either of the earbuds plays/pauses the music.

Similarly, double-tapping on the left and right earbuds will take you to the next and previous song, respectively. You can even adjust the volume right from the earbuds. This feature is mostly restricted to more premium earbuds so having them here was quite the surprise. For this, you have to triple tap on the earbuds.

Sound Quality

  • Dynamic audio drivers with HiFi sound
  • cVc noise cancellation, Dual microphones

Talking about the sound quality of AQFiT A11, it’s nothing to write home about. I wished the vocals were clearer. It’s the same with the bass, which is average at best. You can even notice the distortion in sound quality as you increase the volume. That being said, I had no problem taking calls with the AQFiT A11 TWS earbuds on.

I didn’t face any issue with the call quality on my side and there were no complaints from the receiver’s end either. These earbuds are IPX5 rated too and thus can be worn during your gym sessions or workouts. Sweats and splash won’t damage the A11.

AQfit A11 TWS Earbuds with Case

My time with the AQFiT A11 was not perfect though as I came across a few issues that I had never faced with any TWS before. First, the right earbud was slightly louder than the left. Thankfully, I adjusted it using the audio slider in the Accessibility setting of my phone.

Second, the earbud’s audio prompts switched to Chinese out of a sudden. And neither was I able to discover the cause of the problem, nor its solution.

Battery Life

  • 4-6 hours playback on a single charge

Getting to the battery life, I was able to get around five hours of battery backup on a single charge. The charging case has a MicroUSB port on the front and a charging cable is included in the box. The battery indicator panel inside the case has 25, 50, 75, and 100 printed on it.

AQfit A11 TWS Charging

The numbers indicate the battery level and one of them lights up according to the level of charge, but only during the charging.


To sum it up, the AQFiT A11 is a light and comfortable TWS that you can have in your ear for long hours. It also provides a battery backup of up to 5 hours. So yeah, it has got a pretty good design and can last for quite some time. A part of it is due to the unique battery indicator inside the case.

Sadly, it doesn’t offer as great sound quality as you might hope for. But then again, it’s a budget TWS so manage your expectation when walking into the AQFiT A11. Having said that, its call quality is pretty decent.

AQFiT A11 TWS Review: Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • Volume control from earbuds
  • Call quality is pretty good
  • Up to 5 hours of battery life
  • IPX5 certified for water resistance


  • Right earbud is louder than the left
  • Inconsistence with voice prompt
  • Sound quality is just about average
Design & Build
Pairing & Control
Sound Quality
Battery Backup
Value for Money
aqfit-a11-tws-reviewAQFiT A11 is a budget TWS from the company whose main focus is affordable wearables. And that is clear with how this TWS has been tuned. Both the vocals and bass had me wanting more. Other than that, the company has worked on the design and the LCD battery indicator which actually stands out. The call quality is decent and the earbuds actually last up to 5 hours on a full charge which is more than enough for most users.