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Best Budget Earphones of 2018 in Nepal

Best Budget Earphones nepal
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Music is always one of the major necessities of life. Be it young, be it old, all people listen to some kind of music each day and every day. Bluetooth speakers are getting a lot of hype and marketplace these days with their portability. You also, most probably, own a Bluetooth speaker right now. Even with their ease of use, they still are not useful while traveling on a public vehicle or while taking a stroll somewhere. That’s where earphones come in place. Earphones offer that extreme level of portability and help us in our time of needs at all time, be it while working or while walking. With earphones becoming a major need for all individuals, it is necessary to carry a good pair of the gadget at all times. So, here is a list of the best budget earphones that are available in Nepal right now.

[Note: The following list has been arranged in terms of the products’ price tag.]
  1. JBL T110 In-ear Headphones

A cheaper option from JBL, the JBL T110 is a fairly basic earphone that comes at a budget price of Rs. 1,250. It comes with a pretty basic design with a plastic housing on the earbuds and control center. To keep the device tangle-free, JBL has included a flat-style cable on the T110.

One of the best things about the JBL T110 is the comfort it offers to its users. It is lightweight weighing in at just 13 grams and fits into the ears quite comfortably. The comfort this earphone offers is certainly worth more than its actual price tag is.

Again, for its price, the JBL T110 does a good job of handling the bass. It is decent enough to do the job for you. The same goes for the vocals, it sounds decent enough, but you might notice some weakness here and there. However, it is the highs where the T110 suffers a setback. The highs lack proper details and times, and it is probably the area where JBL has compromised with the T110.

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  1. Remax RM 610D

If you want a cheaper yet good quality earphone that has simplicity written all over, you should opt for the Remax RM 610D. Running for Rs. 1,499 right now, the earbud has an attractive form factor that compromises a bit on build quality. But then again, this earphone sells for a price that’s less than Rs. 1,500.

Let’s start with the cons, the Remax RM 610D lacks ample bass and there is distortion here and there. The device might also feel cheap at times for its build quality which I have already talked about. Other than these issues, the Remax RM 610D is a pretty decent sound speaker. Its highs and mids are pleasing to head and apart from the bass, it does a well-enough job in the sound department. Even with a comparatively long period of use, it does not feel uncomfortable and the inclusion of the control hub with volume controls is definitely a plus!

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  1. Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD

Xiaomi has been selling its product in Nepal for quite some time now. Nepali people mostly know the brand for selling smartphones that provide the value-for-money, even while coming at a comparatively expensive price. For those of you who are unaware, Mi Nepal also sells products other than smartphones. It sells a wide range of products that includes electric scooters, PowerBanks, Speakers, and TVs. The company had also launched the Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD a while ago that currently retails for the cost of Rs. 3,350.

Xiaomi has focused on the design of its product by making it premium with a metallic casing on the earbuds. Not only that, even the playback controller is covered with metal. This controller has a playback button and volume controllers as well. The Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD also has what Xiaomi calls tri-band equalization that balances the high-range, mid-range, and bass of the device. However, this earphone still falls short if the bass is considered. However, it handles the highs and the mids quite well for its price. One thing you might notice while using the earphone is the lack of loudness.

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  1. JBL E15

The JBL E15 focuses on comfort during use without compromising the sound quality. Although the mid-range doesn’t have enough details, the earphone does a good job of maintaining the highs. It produces great sound with the bass being of top-quality. There is enough quality and I won’t be wrong if I say it is an ‘allrounder’.

The JBL E15 comes with a braided nylon cord which tends to provide durability with a striking look. The earphone with its fabric cable and clean design stands out from the crowd as well. It is lightweight and won’t feel uncomfortable even after a longer period of use.

The JBL E15 currently comes at a price of Rs. 3,500 and is available on EvoStore.

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  1. Sony MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass Earbud

The most expensive earphone of this list, the Sony MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass Earbud doesn’t feel that premium if its build quality is considered. It feels cheaper and you will certainly feel it will wear down after a certain period of time. While some of the earphones of this list have focused on making the device premium, Sony has stayed traditional by including a plastic body a typical design.

It is the sound where Sony has excelled with the MDR-XB50AP. The earphone has a high-grand sound quality with a heavy bass which kind of explains why the Japanese company has included Extra Bass in the name. Not only the bass, the MDR-XB50AP also produces top-class highs and mids with the sound quality easily surpassing some of the more expensive products. If you want clarity while listening to your audios with no distortion, you might want to take a look at the earphone.

However, if you ever happen to do work out a lot or just jog around the city, you might not like how easily the Sony MDR-XB50AP tends to fall out of your ear. This bass-rich earphone is currently available for Rs. 4,600 at your nearest Sony store.

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