Best Budget Earphones of 2018 in Nepal

best budget earphones nepal

Music is always one of the major necessities of life. Be it young, be it old, all people listen to some kind of music each day and every day. Bluetooth speakers are getting a lot of hype and marketplace these days with their portability. You also, most probably, own a Bluetooth speaker right now. Even with their ease of use, they still are not useful while traveling on a public vehicle or while taking a stroll somewhere. That’s where earphones come in place. Earphones offer that extreme level of portability and help us in our time of needs at all time, be it while working or while walking. With earphones becoming a major need for all individuals, it is necessary to carry a good pair of the gadget at all times. So, here is a list of the best budget earphones that are available in Nepal right now.

[Note: The following list has been arranged in terms of the products’ price tag.]
  1. Xiaomi Mi Sport Wireless Earphone

Xiaomi Mi Sport Earphone

One of the reasons to buy this earphone is because of the deal you are getting on SmartDoko. The website currently sells the device for Rs. 2,150 which is down from the original price of Rs. 3,499.

For the price, what you get with the Mi Sport Bluetooth earphone is a rugged device that is IPX4 rated. This is mainly due to its build which is made up of plastic and metal housings on the earpiece side, with a rubberized band connecting them. The volume control buttons are placed separately on the right earpiece, with a remote consisting of a mic and play/pause button on the middle.

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This earphone consists of ear hook, making it ‘drop-proof’. However, it compromises on comfort, and noise isolation isn’t done well here. You will also face a couple of other issues with this product. The bass here is only above average, and the upper mids could have been a bit better. Expect for these aspects, you will find the Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphone to be balanced in almost all the aspects. This device is also waterproof, sweat resistant and quite durable!

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2. JBL E15


The JBL E15 focuses on comfort during use without compromising the sound quality. Although the mid-range doesn’t have enough details, the earphone does a good job of maintaining the highs. It produces great sound with the bass being of top-quality. There is enough quality and I won’t be wrong if I say it is an ‘allrounder’.

The JBL E15 comes with a braided nylon cord which tends to provide durability with a striking look. The earphone with its fabric cable and clean design stands out from the crowd as well. It is lightweight and won’t feel uncomfortable even after a longer period of use.

The JBL E15 currently comes at a price of Rs. 3,500 and is available on EvoStore.

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3. Sony MDR-XB55AP

sony mdr-xb55ap

Our previous list of the best earphones in Nepal consisted of the Sony MDR XB50AP. It has impressed us in terms of bass and a top-quality overall sound quality. The new MDR XB55AP comes in a similar design and build quality, which I had gripes about in its successor, but quality wise, it retains the position as one of the best sounding earphones on this list.

Firstly, if you are into flat sounding songs, then this device is not for you. You might want to take a look at other devices. Also, the mids are not that good at times. Otherwise, it is a value for money for what it’s worth. The XB series has made its name for extra bass, and this one is no different. If the quality of the bass is considered, this device can go up against some of the expensive headphones, and this tells us a lot.

The Sony MDR XB55AP faces no distortions or a drop in quality what so ever. However, the build quality that I talked about before is one of the major cons of the device. I think it is high time, Sony focuses on changing the design language of the future products of this series. This device is currently available on Daraz for Rs. 5,000.

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4. Samsung Level In ANC Earphone

samsung level in anc

The Samsung Level In ANC Earphone is a wired earphone that comes with a rechargeable battery. Why you ask? Well, this battery helps with active noise cancellation. And that’s the best aspect about this device.

While there are a few expensive earphones out in the market with noise cancellation tech embedded in them, this device will be a good choice for someone on a budget. The Level In ANC earphone also excels in terms of comfort.

The clarity is not good at all, though. And the mids, too, don’t hit the right notes although there is a decent treble level. With the Level In ANC earphone, Samsung has reduced the level of external noise by 90%.

The Samsung Level In ANC earphone is currently being sold for Rs. 5,650 on Daraz.

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5. Remax TWS-1R True Wireless Earpod

remax tws-1r

The Remax TWS-1R is the only earpod on this list. This earphone is meant for someone who is looking for a truly wireless experience without having to cut corners.

Yes, there are some aspects where the device doesn’t shine as much as you want to, like the battery. There is a mere 40 mAh battery inside it which lasts for around 2 – 2.5 hours. Just like every other earpods, this product is chargeable through the charging box.

One of the best parts of the Remax TWS-1R has to be the bass. It is coupled with a well-balanced mids and treble, so, talking about the sound quality, you get a good device for what it’s worth.

The Remax TWS-1R is currently priced at Rs. 6,970. But as an offer, it can be bought for Rs. 5,985. You can receive one year of warranty with the earpod.

6. Moshi Mythro Air

Moshi Mythro Air

The most expensive device on this list is the Moshi Mythro Air. It is currently available on Oliz Store for the price of Rs. 7,700. It is a Bluetooth enabled product that has a magnetic clip to keep the earpieces connected to one another.

The Moshi Mythro Air has some shortcomings, but if the overall sound quality is concerned, the audio it produces is quite decent. Users may not like the level of treble produced, but still, even with the bass that overpowers at times, it does quite a good job.

In terms of battery, this earphone provides up to 8 hours of battery life on a single use, according to the company. There is also a feature called DJ4two which connects the Moshi Mythro Air to another Air to stream the same music.

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