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Promate Earbuds Price in Nepal

Find the latest earbuds price list from Promate (stylized: Promate Lifestyle) in Nepal. TWS Buds have become an essential smartphone accessory because of the convenience they offer. Brands like Promate Lifestyle have been able to capitalize on that demand and supply lots of wireless earbuds. The brand mostly sells budget wireless earbuds without fancy bells and whistles.  But with a little extra cash, you can also get your hands on ones with ANC and such. In this list, you’ll be able to find the Promate Earbuds price in Nepal of available models. Besides the price, you will also find their specifications and overview.

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Promate Earbuds Price in Nepal

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Promate: Brand Overview

Promate Technologies, commonly known as just “Promate” is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company that develops computing, communication, and consumer electronics products. The company was founded in 2001 by a group of ex-employees working in the likes of companies such as ASUS, Foxconn, and Pegatron. As per the company website, they boast a large catalogue of over 1,000 different products.

Promate in Nepal

At present, Promate operates in over 150 countries through various channels such as offline distribution, retail, and e-commerce channel. Among the said number of countries that it operates in Nepal is also one of them. Promate grandly entered the Nepali market by organising an official launch event at Soltee Hotel on 7 June 2023. Given that, Promate is a recent player in the Nepali market with Daraz serving as their official online partner. In addition, Promate offers various accessories such as smartwatches, speakers, hubs, charging bricks and cables, and our highlight product — Earbuds!

Promate Earbuds

As mentioned earlier, Promate is a relatively young brand in Nepal. As such, it has a limited offering in the market, including that of earbuds. They have just two earbuds in their portfolio as of now, those being — Promate Lush and Promate ProPods. Both of these earbuds are in-ear buds with a 40 mAh battery in the buds. In terms of pricing, Promate Lush is priced at NPR 3,499 whereas the ProPods sits at NPR 6,799. Since they only have two offerings, browsing through their specs, and choosing one that meets your requirements will be absolutely effortless!