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Modern Series

This post contains a comprehensive list of the MSI Modern Series gaming laptops available in Nepal, with detailed specifications, pricing, and availability information.

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Modern Series

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MSI Modern Laptops Overview:

The Modern series laptops from MSI are meant for normal day-to-day usage. As a result, they are designed differently from the MSI’s gaming lineup. MSI Modern laptops can be distinguished by their sleek look. They usually sport aluminum chassis compliant with the US Military MIL-STD-810G standard. The bezels around the screen are also minimum, giving these laptops their “Modern” look. Hinges on these laptops can open all the way up to 180 degrees, which you can use to share the screen’s content with colleagues on the opposite side with the “Flip-n-Share” feature. As for performance, MSI Modern laptops come with the latest U-series mobile processors from both Intel and AMD. Since they are targeted at the mainstream audience, you won’t get high-end discrete GPUs. You will get entry-level MX series GPUs in the best-case scenario. You can get MSI Modern laptops in 14″ and 15″ variants in Nepal, with the latter having a slightly higher price tag.