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Find the latest Google Mobile Price in Nepal in this list. Google is a household name that offers products and services from cost-free Google searches to thousand-dollar Pixel Fold devices. A technology company that offers both software and hardware products ranging from Gmail to Pixel Mobiles. Their service offerings include Maps, Google Analytics, Drive, and YouTube while Google’s hardware catalog features phones, tablets, earbuds, and smartwatches. In the hardware space, Google is best known for its Pixel phones and the company provides an extensive range of pixel devices in Nepal. The Pixel ‘a’ phones provide stock Android experience with reliable battery life. The cameras are the best in class but there are some compromises in the build and processor front. Following the ‘a’ series, you have your regular pixels which tick all the boxes for a great smartphone. There is something for everybody and pro users can opt for the Pixel Pros with larger screens, better battery, and extra camera features. Lastly, the folds for those looking to go experimental in the smartphone space. We have also included the specifications and a quick overview of Google Mobiles besides their Price in Nepal.

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Google Mobile Price List

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Google Mobile Price in Nepal

Google is an American software and hardware company that offers products ranging from smart tablets, phones, and TWS earbuds to Google Search, G-mail, G-Drive, and much more. In the hardware space, Google is best known for its pixel series of smartphones and the company provides a list of smartphones in Nepal.

How to choose Google Mobile in Nepal?

Buying a smartphone can be daunting if you don’t know what you actually want. So, it is a must that you set your priorities straight before going for your Pixel device. Some things to consider would be the form factor, battery life, and performance. Additionally, cameras are also an integral part of the smartphone experience so you’d want to buy a phone with good or at least decent cameras. The price of Google smartphones in Nepal can vary a lot among different sellers so make sure to cross-check for the best deals. To make this task of picking a Google Mobile Phone easier, the brand has categorized its smartphone offerings into 3 classes like the Pixel a phones, standard Pixels, and Pixel Pro Mobile phones.

For budget-centered users

Google offers the Pixel a phones for people looking to get into the Google eco-system at an affordable price. If you’re someone looking for a stock Android experience with reliable battery life and good performance, then Pixel A phones might be the one for you. Generally speaking, they have plastic-aluminum or just plastic build and cost under USD 500. In a sense, they are affordable Pixel phones that borrow a lot of good things from their more expensive brothers while not sacrificing much. Older Pixel a phones have midrange processors but newer members of this class come with Google’s Tensor chips. They have the best camera in their weight class and often beat more expensive phones in this regard. So, if you’re someone who loves taking pictures and wants a fluid user experience while not caring much about the design, then the Pixel A series is for you.

For regular folks

Google also sells middle-of-the-road vanilla Pixel phones that sit in between the cheaper A series and the Pricer Pro phones. These devices tick all the boxes for an ideal smartphone with good performance, great cameras, reliable battery life, and an immersive user experience. They generally improve on the build quality and processor front while not being too expensive. If you’re someone who wants an all-around great smartphone and is not bothered by the slightly expensive price tag, the Pixel phone is the one for you.

For Pro Users

Sometimes the standard version just doesn’t cut it. Be it the inadequate battery size or a small screen, some people just prefer beefier, more feature-rich devices. And this is who the Pixel Pro devices are meant for. Pixel Pro phones have larger screens, bigger batteries, and extra bells and whistles in the camera department. But that doesn’t come cheap. Pixel Pro devices are often hundreds of dollars more expensive than vanilla pixels.

For Enthusiasts

There is also the Fold Series for those looking to experiment with their smartphone experience. If you aren’t bothered by the high price, you can opt-in for a Pixel Fold. Generally, they don’t have the best chipset or very good battery life but you ain’t finding that screen anywhere else. These have dual screens ( outer and inner ) where the inner display can fold on itself using a hinge mechanism for portability. When unfolded, they offer large screens for multitasking or media consumption.

Where to buy Google Mobiles at the official price in Nepal?

Official Distributor

Unfortunately, there aren’t any official distributors of Google phones in Nepal.

Unofficial Channels 

But you can purchase Google Mobile Phones from various merchant stores and retail shops in Kathmandu Valley. Since there is no official pricing, you should make sure that you’re getting a good price by visiting different stores before making the purchase. Some unofficial stores skimp on brand warranties and after-sales service. There have also been reports of used/refurbished phones being sold as new. As a result, it is critical to purchase Google Phones from reputable retailers with positive feedback.

Google Mobile Price List (2023)

Google Mobile Phone List Price in Nepal (Unofficial)
Pixel 6a (6/128 GB) रू 59,999
Pixel 7a (8/128 GB) रू 79,999
Pixel 7 (8/128 GB) रू 99,999
Pixel 7 Pro (12/128 GB) रू 129,999
Pixel Fold (12/256 GB) रू 295,000