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Honor Smartwatches Price in Nepal

You can find the latest price of Honor Smartwatches and fitness bands in this list. Despite facing significant impacts from US sanctions on its smartphone business, Honor secured the third-largest position among global smartwatch makers in 2021.

Honor offers a diverse range of wearables, including affordable fitness bands and flagship smartwatches, catering to fitness-oriented and luxury preferences. They previously used a custom operating system called ‘LiteOS,’ which they’ve since replaced with HarmonyOS.

The company categorizes its fitness bands as part of the ‘Honor Band’ and ‘Honor Watch Fit’ lineup. In contrast, their traditional smartwatches are part of the ‘Honor Watch’ and ‘Honor Watch GT’ series.

Additionally, Honor’s professional health monitoring wearable, known as the ‘Honor Watch D,’ is available in China. Honor’s latest and most expensive watch is the Watch Ultimate, and as of October 2023, their newest band is Band 8. Furthermore, we have included not only the price of Honor smartwatches and fitness bands but also their specifications and an overview in this list.

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Honor Brand Overview:

Honor is a prominent Chinese smartphone company that was founded in 2013 as a sub-brand of Huawei. This sub-brand was initially focused on the online market and offered low-cost and mid-range handsets. However, the 2019 Huawei US ban had a significant impact on both companies, especially in their mobile division. In response, Huawei sold Honor to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology to allow the reintegration of Google Mobile Services (GMS) on Honor devices. Since this shift, Honor has made a successful global comeback, introducing a flagship number series and even entering the foldable smartphone market with the Honor Magic V.

Honor in Nepal

Honor made its formal debut in Nepal in 2018 through Kratos Technologies Pvt. Ltd. But, this was before the US sanctions and its split with Huawei. Now, as the company is trying to gain a firm foot in the global market under a new holding, it has also opted to go with new management and a distributor in Nepal — Celltron Nepal. Honor is also trying to get into the flagship segment through devices like the Magic 5 Pro.

Honor Smartwatches

Honor sells a limited number of fitness bands and smartwatches in Nepal. They are mostly on the more expensive side and aimed at those looking to combine tech with fashion. Starting at around the NPR 6,000 mark, their Fitness band is the most affordable Honor wearable available in the Nepali market today. It offers basic health and wellness features like SpO2 monitoring, heart monitoring, sleep tracking, and so on. On the flip side, more expensive smartwatches like the Watch 4 have support for Bluetooth calling, remote controls, and so on. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the dozens of sports modes and activity tracking on Honor smartwatches. Furthermore, Honor smartwatches have a heft and a premium feel to them on top of all the smart stuff.

Honor Smartwatches Price List in Nepal (2023)

Smartwatches Price in Nepal
Honor Band 6 रू  5,490
Honor Watch 4 रू  19,990