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Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Here, you can find the latest official price of all the smartwatches currently available in Nepal. Compared to a traditional watch, smartwatches offer a bunch of additional features ranging from monitoring different health metrics, making phone calls, to arranging all your incoming notifications and more. But smartwatches can serve different purposes. Some are fitness-oriented, some are just general-purpose, whereas you can also find luxury smartwatches. Apple has been the world’s leading smartwatch maker for quite some time now. Besides Apple, companies like Samsung, Amazfit, Huawei, Xiaomi, Mobvoi, Fitbit, Garmin, Honor, OnePlus, and POCO are well known for their smartwatches as well. But in markets like India, local smartwatch vendors like Noise and boAt occupy the largest market share. Aside from Smartwatch Price in Nepal, you will also find its specifications and overview in this list.

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Smart Watch Price in Nepal

The Trend of Smartwatch in Nepal

Smartwatches are arguably the most sought things besides TWS, after purchasing a smartphone in Nepal. The trend of wearing a smartwatch has mushroomed massively in recent years. Thanks to budget smartwatches, the number of users has also skyrocketed. People are attracted to buying smartwatches for fashion as well as accessing notifications, and attending calls from the watch itself. Besides that, the ability to measure heart rate, SpO2, steps tracking, and fancy sports modes are also the main reasons for its popularity. Be it the cheap smartwatches or the high-end premium ones, you can see almost everyone wearing one in their hand.

Cheap vs Midrange vs Premium Smartwatches

Let’s begin with the most popular segment of smartwatches– the budget ones. To put in numbers, any smartwatch under 5,000 rupees in Nepal can be considered under the segment. Usually, if you buy from reputed brands like Xiaomi, Realme, and Amazfit, you are free to expect better step tracking and overall measurement as compared to unnamed cheap smartwatches. Likewise, local and Indian brands like Ultima, Zeblaze, AQFit,  boAt, HiFuture, Noise, and such are also quite well-received names in the market. Some of the products in this range also provide a BT calling feature, which is pretty handy. But UI-wise and health tracking-wise, you cannot trust much on it.

Getting to the midrange arena, Amazfit boasts major dominance here.. Its GTR and GTS series are some of the most reliable smartwatches one can buy. The Zepp OS and Zepp App are also some of the best when it comes to watch OS and companion apps, respectively. Besides Amazfit, there are some options from Huawei, Honor, and Xiaomi as well, which are equal or almost as good. Here, you’re getting better UI and more accurate health tracking and monitoring than the budget ones.

Now, coming to the top-of-the-line smartwatches, Samsung Galaxy Watch Series and Apple Watch Series are the top contenders. You are getting a proper OS here with 3rd party app support and best-in-line health tracking support here. The flagship wearables are more directed towards those wanting the best in the competition, where price is not a major concern. Well, honorable mention also goes out to the newly launched Huawei GT series watch and T-Rex Series from Ultra in this segment.

Where to buy smartwatches at the best price in Nepal?

As always, we recommend you get a smartwatch from authorized stores and genuine sellers. It will reflect a lot on after-sales support. You can browse through a plethora of smartwatches at Gadgetbyte with their buying links, to make it easy. Always make sure of the product and buying place, before making a purchase.

How much to spend on a smartwatch?

Well, it all depends on your budget and needs. If you are a normal user and just want a normal smartwatch, you can opt for a smartwatch under 5,000 rupees or even stretch your budget up to 10,000 rupees, if you’re willing to! If you are someone who wants a proper smart experience, you can go with a smartwatch having WearOS, for eg, the Samsung Watch 5/6 Series. Or, why not go for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 which costs NPR 157,000, if you are ready to spill it all?