This app can spot fake and counterfeit products with your phone’s camera


FeaturePrint App AI
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Counterfeit products are literally everywhere in the market. Besides the complete final product itself, counterfeit spare parts and components are also way too common. And as such products bear a lot of similarities with the original ones, unsuspecting buyers could go home with subpar products. Thankfully, there’s now an app that lets you spot counterfeit and fake products. Alitheon, a US-based company has developed an app known as the FeaturePrint to tackle the mushrooming growth of counterfeit products.

FeaturePrint App Overview:

This app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify counterfeit products. Simply take a picture of a part, product, or component and the app will determine whether it’s genuine or not.

How does it work?

The app relies on patented AI algorithms allowing automatic identification of unique features and attributes of a product. It enables human biometrics without the risk of profiling and establishes the unbreakable object link required for blockchain security and the operation of smart contracts.

FeaturePrint App

Basically, the app doesn’t identify counterfeit products but instead uses the digital fingerprint or “FeaturePrint” to identify original products. It gets the new FeaturePrint of the testing product and compares it to the authentic one. This becomes the basis for tracing and segregating duplicate products from the original ones. And it also eliminates the need of identifying objects through QR codes, RFID tags, or barcodes.

Another thing to mention is that FeaturePrint works for a single object only, not a class of objects. In a general sense, the app is only able to extract the characteristics of a specific object, not its entire class. For example, the app can represent a specific AMD Ryzen 7000 series processor, but not the entire Ryzen 7000 family.

Practicality and availability

The FeaturePrint app can be a one-stop solution for businesses to tackle counterfeit issues in production. But genuine parts or products must register their “FeaturePrint” in the app for it to work. So, it might take a longer time for a full implementation around the world.

Unfortunately, this app is exclusively available to businesses only. Which means you can’t just download it from an app store and get to it. The B2B modality is aimed to reach a larger platform for companies to produce genuine products for end consumers. And reports suggest FAST Sneaks and London Bullion Market Association have already begun using Alitheon’s solution.

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