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Snapdragon X Elite

With Snapdragon X Elite, Windows laptops have a promising future

Arm is still not a popular name in the world of Windows PCs. It has not gained as much attention as the x86-based mobile...
Arm vs x86 Processor Architecture

ARM vs x86: A comparison of computer processor architectures

ARM and x86 are two major architectures in the world of computer processors, with long-standing competition in the market. One notable incident that highlighted...
ARM Cortex X4 Announced

Arm unveils its fastest CPU core, Cortex-X4, with 15% performance gain

Arm is the leading force in microprocessor technology for mobile phones, providing a wide variety of cores to meet the performance, power, and cost...
ARM Immortalis G720 GPU Announced 5th Gen Microarchitecture DVS Ray Tracing

Arm’s Immortalis G720 revolutionizes mobile GPU with Deferred Vertex Shading

Along with the release of new generation processor cores, Cortex-X4, A720, and A520, Arm has also unveiled its 5th generation GPUs namely, Immortalis G720,...
Intel ARM Agreement 18A Process Smartphone chip fabrication

Intel joins hands with ARM for development of 1.8nm mobile chips

Intel has just announced a multi-generation collaboration with Arm, the top IP licensor for mobile chipsets. This multi-generational deal will initially concentrate on manufacturing...
Qualcomm Oryon CPU Announced

Qualcomm aims to take on Apple, AMD, and Intel with its “Oryon” CPU

Apple’s incredible success with its custom Arm-based “M” series of processors cannot be understated. And at last week’s Snapdragon Summit where Qualcomm unveiled its...
Arm 2nd gen v9 CPUs Announced

Arm’s 2nd gen of Armv9 CPUs unveiled with up to 25% performance boost

The Cortex-X3 and Cortex-A715 cores are the next flagship CPUs from ARM. The new cores come with a significant performance boost and will power...
Arm Immortalis GPU

Arm unveils “Immortalis” GPU with hardware-based ray tracing

Arm has announced its new flagship GPU called "Immortalis." It is Arm's first mobile GPU to come with hardware-based ray tracing. The GPU is...
Qualcomm iSim Demonstration

Qualcomm shows off iSIM, which integrates SIM into phone’s processor

Back in 2020, Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 888 as the first smartphone processor with Integrated Sim (iSIM). Now the chipmaker has demonstrated the technology...
new Armv9 CPUs Mali GPUs announced

Arm announces new Cortex-X2 CPU & Mali-G710 GPU for next gen mobile flagships

Arm has officially announced the release of its Armv9 CPU architecture and third-gen Valhall-based Mali GPUs, which are designed to deliver next-generation performance. The...