Arm unveils “Immortalis” GPU with hardware-based ray tracing

Arm Immortalis GPU
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Arm has announced its new flagship GPU called “Immortalis.” It is Arm’s first mobile GPU to come with hardware-based ray tracing. The GPU is targeted toward flagship Android users who are keen on gaming on their phones. In this article, we will be discussing the Intel Arm Immortalis GPU in more detail.

Arm Immortalis GPU Overview:

According to Arm, the new Immortalis-G715 GPU is designed for next-generation flagship smartphones. In addition, the company claims to offer a 15% improvement in performance with its new GPU.

Besides, Arm is raving about a two times improvement in architectural machine learning. Moreover, it should provide “ultimate mobile gaming and graphics experiences.”

Arm Immortalis

Hardware-Based Ray Tracing

As mentioned, the Immortalis-G715 is the first Arm GPU to offer hardware-based Ray Tracing. According to Andy Craigen, the product management director of Arm, the main challenge of RT is high power usage.

However, per the Arm, the ray tracing on the Immortalis-G715 only uses 4 percent of the shader core area. The company also claims a 300 percent performance improvement via hardware acceleration.

Arm claims its partners and hardware are ready to utilize hardware ray tracing fully. The developer ecosystem, however, still needs to catch up.

Variable Ray Shading

With the announcement of Immortalis, Arm has also updated its Mali lineup of GPUs with the Mali-G715. In addition, it supports variable-rate shading, which allows for “significant energy savings and a performance boost.”

VRS lets the GPU focus the rendering on the parts that matter. So, for example, the foreground will have fine pixel granularity, whereas the background will render with coarse pixel granularity.

Immortalis-G715 vs. Mali-G715

Immortalis-G715 Mali-G715 GPU
Hardware-based Ray Tracing Software-based Ray Tracing
Variable Rate Shading
New Execution Engine
10 or more cores 7 to 9 cores

Arm Immortalis GPU Availability

The Immortalis GPU will be available in flagship smartphones in Q1 of 2023. Arm also shared a roadmap showing that they will follow up the Immortalis with a GPU dubbed “Titan” in 2023 and “Krake” in 2024.

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