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DJI event 2017

DJI new Drone, All set to launch in an Event in NYC

DJI is a brand that is well know in the drone market. Products like Phantom series of drone, Inspire Series and Mavic drone, DJI...

ISIS reportedly using drones to bomb places

Picture this. You are chilling on a Saturday afternoon, basking under the Sun when all of a sudden you hear a buzzing sound. A...

Taking Selfie into a Newer Level : Selfly Drone

Ever had a problem that your selfie stick wasn't long enough? Or wanted a dope cover for your phone that could fly? Well, the...

DJI Phantom 4 Pro launched in Nepal for Rs. 2,15,000

Starck Trading, a subordinate of Jyoti Group, has launched the much awaited Phantom 4 Pro. Available at EvoStore and Oliz Store, the Phantom 4...
DJI Mavic Pro in Nepal

DJI Mavic Pro launched in Nepal for Rs. 1,35,299

The previous month has been quite a time for the drone lovers here in Nepal. They got to see the introduction of a whole...

DJI releases Phantom 4 pro along with Inspire 2

DJI, the highly recognized Chinese company in drone industry, has released a pro version drone of its Phantom 4 edition on November 15th. The...
Drones in Nepal - DJI with Price

DJI Phantom Drones Price, Where to Buy, Rules and Regulations in Nepal

Even with the strict rules related to drones in place, couple of distributors have released some powerful drones in Nepal. Starck Trading, a subsidiary...

Drones that can plant trees and save the world

A UK-based startup company called BioCarbon Engineering is trying to use drones in order to plant trees in areas that have been deforested. With the help...

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