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Arm vs x86 Processor Architecture

ARM vs x86: A comparison of computer processor architectures

ARM and x86 are two major architectures in the world of computer processors, with long-standing competition in the market. One notable incident that highlighted...
Intel Arc Pro A60 A60M announced workstation graphics cards GPU

Intel announces Arc Pro A60 and A60M GPUs for professional workstations

Intel has announced new additions to its "Arc Pro" series of workstation graphics cards with the Arc Pro A60 and A60M GPUs. As the...
Intel ARM Agreement 18A Process Smartphone chip fabrication

Intel joins hands with ARM for development of 1.8nm mobile chips

Intel has just announced a multi-generation collaboration with Arm, the top IP licensor for mobile chipsets. This multi-generational deal will initially concentrate on manufacturing...
Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs Rumors

Intel 13th Gen CPUs announcement might clash with AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series sale

The CPU market is wild right now. Intel impressed us with its 12th Gen "Alder Lake" processors last year, and AMD is doing the...
Intel Core i9-13900K Leak

Intel Core i9-13900K leaks online with 5.7GHz Thermal Velocity Boost

We are still months away from the official launch of Intel’s 13th Gen processors. However, the upcoming Raptor Lake CPUs have been a subject...
Intel Arc A-series Mobile GPUs announced Xe HPG microarchitecture

Intel announces the arrival of first Arc A-series mobile GPUs for laptops

Last year, Intel announced the Arc graphics platform to provide gaming hardware, software, and service to gamers. The company has now unveiled the Arc...