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Intel Arc A750 Price in Nepal

Intel Arc A750 graphics card makes its way to Nepal!

There was so much buzz about Intel entering the graphics card market. And enter they did — with the release of their “affordable” Arc...

Intel’s mid-range Arc A770 graphics card now available in Nepal

The Intel Arc A770 GPU was announced alongside the 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs. This limited edition GPU has finally made their way here...
Intel Core 14th Gen Desktop Processors Price in Nepal

Intel’s 14th Gen Core desktop processors launched in Nepal

Intel has finally announced the 14th Gen Core series processors for desktops. The base is not completely new but it's a refresh of Raptor...
Intel Graphics Driver

New Intel Graphics driver brings HUGE performance gains for gaming

It’s no secret that one of the biggest limiting factors of Intel’s newer GPUs has been on the software side. Although these GPUs ran...
Intel Arc A580 price in Nepal

Budget Intel Arc A580 GPU goes official.

Intel has announced a new GPU called the Arc A580 which now sits in between its budget-friendly A380 and more expensive A7 lineup. In...
Intel Thunderbolt 5 announced

Thunderbolt 5 announced with thundering data speed of up to 120 Gbps!

Intel has now announced Thunderbolt 5 after its initial preview back in October 2022. This newest interface triples the 40 Gbps bandwidth of Thunderbolt...
Intel Core i9-13900KS Price in Nepal Specifications Availability Where to buy

Intel Core i9-13900KS is now finally available in Nepal

Intel has announced its newest and most powerful desktop processor to date, the Core i9-13900KS, which is a special edition model of the 13900K....

Intel 13th Gen CPU Price in Nepal [Updated]

Intel officially unveiled its 13th Gen desktop processor lineup codenamed "Raptor Lake" back in September 2022. The news followed AMD's announcement of the Ryzen...
Arm vs x86 Processor Architecture

ARM vs x86: A comparison of computer processor architectures

ARM and x86 are two major architectures in the world of computer processors, with long-standing competition in the market. One notable incident that highlighted...
Intel Arc Pro A60 A60M announced workstation graphics cards GPU

Intel announces Arc Pro A60 and A60M GPUs for professional workstations

Intel has announced new additions to its "Arc Pro" series of workstation graphics cards with the Arc Pro A60 and A60M GPUs. As the...