windows phone dead gadgetbyte nepal

Windows Phone is dead – Microsoft confirms

Windows Phone was destined to die since the early beginning days of Androids and iPhone. They did share their good share of momentum, as...
Windows phone dead gadgetbyte nepal

Is Windows Phone Dead?

Huawei gave up on the windows mobile platform years ago. The Nokia-Microsoft deal also ended a few months ago. Nokia has even started production...

Best Ultrabooks To Buy in Nepal

Ultrabooks carry around a huge importance and have become an integral part of most of working men/women. These laptops are portable and perform exceptionally. So...

Microsoft Revives Its Surface Pro, All New Surface Pro 2017

Are you in the market for a new portable ultralight laptop/ tablet? Well, you're in luck cause Microsoft has just announced the refreshed version...
microsoft creators update

Microsoft to release a new update for Windows 10 later this year

Microsoft just released its major Creators Update in April. Later this year Microsoft will roll out another update to its Creators update to bring some...
Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Launched Surface Laptop with Windows 10S

Microsoft launched Surface Laptop with Windows 10S yesterday. The Microsoft Surface Laptop is aiming to take over Google Chromebooks and Apple Macbook Air. Windows...
Microsoft Creators Update

Microsoft Creators Update: Features Rundown

In the Microsoft event today, we got a look at what Microsoft is bringing to the table in its next big update. The update will...

Microsoft launches powerful Surface Book i7 to rival Apple MacBook Pro

Microsoft has launched a newer variant of the Surface Book at its event in New York. The Surface Book i7 is the successor to...
Microsoft VR

Microsoft announces powerful VR Headsets for $299

In a Microsoft event today, a lot of new products were announced which enhances your Work and gaming experience and some of them even...

Microsoft Launches Surface Studio All-in-One PC: iMac Killer?

Microsoft has launched its first ever PC, the Surface Studio, at an event in New York on 26th of Oct, 2016. It is available for...

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