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Microsoft Surface Go 4 for Business

Microsoft launches the new Surface Go 4 for Business

Microsoft recently launched the new Surface Go 4 for Business, focusing on productivity to personnel in various fields. Here we will discuss what the...
Surface Laptop Go 3 price in Nepal

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3​ announced with 12th gen Intel CPU

Microsoft has just introduced the Surface Laptop Go 3 which is a compact and lightweight notebook. So, in this article, let's look at the detailed...
Microsoft Free AI courses

Microsoft is offering free AI courses with certification

Microsoft is pushing for the growth of AI talents with its different programs including global grants, free generative AI courses, and a training tool...
Microsoft Designer AI tool announced to rival Canva

Microsoft’s new AI-powered designing tool could destroy Canva

Microsoft has finally launched its AI-powered designing tool “Microsoft Designer” for public preview. This Canva alternative was announced way back in October 2022 with...
Microsoft AI chip Athena to power ChatGPT in the works secret OpenAI

Microsoft is working on a secret AI chip to power ChatGPT

Tech giant Microsoft has been working on a secret AI chip to further boost the development of its AI products. Named after the Greek...
Bing updated with OpenAI DALL-E

Microsoft Bing, Edge get even more capable with DALL-E image creator

Microsoft's collaboration with OpenAI has been something of a turning point for both companies; mostly Microsoft. Powered by ChatGPT, the company's Bing search and...
Microsoft Surface Pro 9 5G - Price in Nepal

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 with 120Hz display, 12 Gen CPU now in Nepal

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 9 and Pro 9 5G in October. The two new notebooks offer some solid upgrades to the Surface Pro...
Microsoft Edge Bing with ChatGPT

Microsoft updates Edge and Bing with OpenAI’s ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a worldwide phenomenon these days. This AI chatbot, developed by OpenAI, has taken the world by storm with its ability to generate...
Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Plus Price in Nepal Specifications Where to buy

Microsoft finally unveils the Surface Studio 2 Plus after four-year-long wait

A long-awaited update to the Studio desktop lineup is finally here with the Surface Studio 2. The company announced the successor to the 2018’s...
Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Price in Nepal Availability Specifications Where to buy

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 refreshed with Intel 12th gen processors, DDR5 RAM

At the annual hardware event, Microsoft unveiled its latest premium ultrabook, the Surface Laptop 5. The company has made little to no changes on...