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Kaleido Insulin Pump price in nepal

ViCentra unveils advanced closed-loop insulin delivery system with AI

In the face of escalating insulin costs, ViCentra introduces a beacon of hope with the Kaleido insulin delivery system. With a focus on revolutionizing...
lifespan extedning drug for dogs

Loyal’s groundbreaking drug aims to extend lifespan for large dogs

In a bid to bridge the gap in life expectancy between large and small dog breeds, San Francisco-based biotech company Loyal is making significant...
Northvolt's sodium ion battery

Northvolt’s state-of-art breakthrough in Sodium-ion battery

In the pursuit of greener energy solutions, Northvolt, a Swedish company, has quietly achieved a groundbreaking feat in sodium-ion battery technology. Boasting an energy...
Ultra-wideband in Nepal

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) is unavailable in Nepal. But WHY?

Ultra-wideband is held as the future of wireless technology, with wide usability and prospects to develop further in the coming days. However, ultra-wideband doesn't...
The Oldest Black Hole

NASA discovers the “oldest black hole” ever

The observable universe, spanning 93 billion light years, houses an estimated 40 quintillion black holes. These enigmatic entities have intrigued us for decades. And...
Super Trees

Scientists might have found a faster way to decrease CO2 from environment

The issue of global warming has been bugging the international community for a long time now — decades even. Many efforts have been made...
BAK Battery

BAK blast resistant battery unveiled with wide range of applications!

Battery is the base of modern society. A lot of our devices, ranging from smartphones to electric vehicles, rely on batteries as the power...
Football on the Moon

They’re planning to play football on the Moon. No, seriously

A recent post by the Insitute of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK highlights the possibility of competitive football on the surface of the Moon....
China's FAST telescope discovers nanohertz gravitational waves

China’s “Sky Eye” telescope makes a major breakthrough in terms of gravitational waves

Researchers in China have just made a breakthrough in nanohertz gravitational waves, which might be a gateway to understanding supermassive black holes in the...
Virigin Galatic Galatic 01

Virgin Galactic set to initiate commercial space flights later this month

Virgin Galactic, the space company founded by British billionaire Sir Richard Branson, is set to make history by launching its first commercial space flight,...