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IQ in children who game

Are video games better than TV and social media for children’s IQ?

Many parents are worried about their children gaming too much. Besides, they also worry about the effects of gaming on their children's mental growth....
2DPA-1 Polymer MIT Researchers

MIT researchers create a polymer stronger than steel but lighter than plastic

Researchers from MIT have recently invented a lightweight polymer that is tougher than steel but also light as plastic. Dubbed as a 2DPA-1 polymer,...
Lithium-ion batteries Fluoroborate salt

EVs could get a lot safer in the future with the new lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion is the dominant battery type in portable devices such as phones, tablets, and computers. Electric vehicles, on the other hand, share a different...
sweat-powered battery for smart wearable body temperature sensors

This sweat-powered battery will fuel the wearable devices of the future

Smart wearables are rising in popularity. To make them truly smart, scientists are working on alternative energy sources to power them. Scientists have now...
Sweat-powered energy generating wearable features availability working mechanism

This tiny wearable strip can turn your sweat into electricity!

Researchers at the University of California have developed a tiny sweat-powered wearable device that can use the sweat of the wearer to produce electricity....
Ultra-thin film glasses see dark night vision goggles

Ultra-thin film transforms standard glasses into night-vision goggles

Scientists have developed a new ultra-thin film for ordinary glasses that lets people see in the dark. The film uses tens of nanometre-scale crystals...
China Shenzhou-12 spacecraft launched crewed space station tianhe

China launches crewed Shenzhou-12 spacecraft to its new space station

China has successfully launched the crewed Shenzhou-12 spacecraft mission into its new space station. It is the country's longest crewed space trip in history,...
Laser powered sail Alpha Centauri

Scientists say they’ve devised a way to travel to Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to our solar system and is presumed to offer the highest possibility of discovering an extraterrestrial being....
bdelloid rotifer life 24000 years

Wakey-wakey: This microscopic creature just returned to life after 24,000 years

A microscopic multi-cell organism known as "bdelloid" has regained its life after being frozen for 24,000 years in Siberia. Russian scientists discovered the bdelloid...
Quantum Microscope

Quantum microscope enables examining unseeable structures in living cells

A team of researchers from Germany and Australia has built a microscope that can image minuscule biological structures. This is probably the first time...