CG launched 65-inch LED TV with 4K (UHD) resolution

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On the occasion of its 10th annual anniversary, CG launched a 65-inch 4K LED Smart TV. The event was scheduled on 27th Jan. at Soaltee Crowne Plaza.

CG 4K Smart TV (65″, UHD, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM, 1.5 GHz dual core CPU and quad core GPU)

This is the first 4K TV from CG, a national brand. CG has been launching many LED smart TVs in the past. When it comes to CG TVs, they are comparatively cheaper as compared to those from MultiNational Brands. And, CG maintains competitive quality standards as well. That is why if you’re on a budget it is always wiser to have CG in your option while buying your next TV.

Coming to the specs of this newly released 65-inch model with Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution, it boxes a 1.5GHz Dual Core CPU and Quad Core GPU inside. Along with that, it has a 1GB RAM and 4GB internal memory. Unspecified picture engine is used to enhance the picture quality. According to CG, an “A+ Panel” is used that produces awesome picture quality with the brightness of 350nits. They added, “users can experience quality sounds coming from the special speaker box used inside.”

When it comes to TV, users are curious to know the number and types of ports it has. In this model, the TV comes with most of the ports we look forward to. It has 4 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports, RJ45 port, VGA port, one Tuner Input and one Tuner output port, composite video output and L/R audio output ports.

Should you buy a 4K TV?

Well, it isn’t an easy of a question. It has two answers depending on the person raising the question.

The first answer is a “No” if you’re on a budget and want to just buy a good TV for your current need Full HD TVs are good enough for you. At the end of a day, the most of the contents you’ll be playing on our TVs are likely to be a Full HD one.

But, the best answer might be a “Yes” if you take your electronic expense as an invest. It’s always wiser to invest on something futuristic. That way, you won’t have a need to buy another TV after few years when TV channels start broadcasting in 4K. Plus, many YouTube contents are now in 4k as well. If you have a stable and faster internet connection then 4K smart TVs are just right for you. As far as we know, a new DTH named HamroTV is coming with 4k channels. It might be a good option for gamers too, provided that they have a good system. Playing games in 4K? I’d love to join you.