Daraz organizing the biggest Sales Day in November 11: Exciting offers and discounts in galore

daraz biggest sales day
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Daraz does not really need much of an introduction these days. It is the leading e-commerce website in Nepal and many other countries like Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and more. In the context of Nepal, it is the go-to station for those, who crave for the online shopping. And this popular e-commerce platform is organizing biggest Sales Day in this ‘Singles Day’/’Anti-valentine’s Day’ or the November 11. And Daraz has promised the online sale to be huge with a countless number of exciting deals and whopping discounts on numerous products.

What is Singles Day/Anti-valentine’s Day?

Basically, the Single day is the day allotted for the celebration of one’s singleness. It started in the 1990s in China as an obscure “Anti-valentine’s Day” celebration among the people who have “single” relationship status. But later, this day spawned into the world’s biggest online shopping day. It takes place in China on November 11 every year.

What to expect from the Daraz biggest sales Day?

Daraz has done quite a commendable job when it comes to online sales and purchases. To woo the offline audience to the online platform and to lure the tech-savvy customers to bring to the online shopping ecosystem, Daraz’s footsteps are really praiseworthy. And in the run, the e-commerce website has brought exciting sales and offers quite a fair number of times. Daraz’s Black Friday is an example. And this time, the website has big plans in the Daraz biggest Sales day.

As mentioned earlier, the November 11 is celebrated with biggest shopping and sales in China. But recently, the Daraz has been acquired by Alibaba, which happened to be the greatest e-commerce website in China. So alike the parenting company Alibaba, this year, Daraz is also organizing the biggest shopping day expecting a similar success here in Nepal.

Although Daraz has not yet disclosed more about the shopping day and types of goodies on sales, discounts on them and the types of offers they would levy on the products. But it has said that every goodie on the shelf of Daraz at that time would be available at an unbeatable price. The e-commerce website vaguely unearthed that some exciting products will also make a debut in Nepal through the Daraz biggest Sales Day.