Daraz set to organize Mobile Week 2019 in Nepal

daraz mobile week 2019 nepal
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Honor X9b Ad

These days, Daraz is not just known as the leading e-commerce platform in Nepal but also for its lucrative deals, which it brings on time and often. And this time, the e-commerce giant is organizing a grand online shopping event known as the Daraz Mobile Week 2019. This mega online shopping event is said to bring amazing deals and crazy vouchers on most of its products. Not to be confused by its name, this mobile week will not only bring deals on mobiles but also on other electronic devices like laptops, accessories, televisions, and more.

Amazing Deals, Massive Discounts, and Mega Vouchers

The major highlight of this grand online shopping event is the deals they will bring on various tech-related electronics devices. On the smartphone segment, Daraz has already collaborated with major players like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, and Sony. Officials say that there will be massive discounts and many smartphones would be put on the shelf at the unbeatable prices.

There will be also some amazing deals on laptops. But we are yet to confirm the brands that would be available in this Mobile week. When it comes to accessories, Daraz has collaborated with brands like Remax and WK designs to bring some exclusive deals. So expect some lucrative deals there too.

But apart from such exclusive deals with sizable discounts, Daraz is also offering vouchers (Collectible, Crazy and Mega Vouchers). You can earn these mega vouchers by spreading information about Mobile Week 2019 using your Social Media accounts. ‘Shake Shake campaign’ is another major way to win some exclusive vouchers and giveaways. Under this campaign, Daraz grants discount vouchers to the users who shake their smartphones (opening Daraz app) at the some designated time frame.

Exclusive Launches

At this point of time, the names of the products are kept under the veil. However, Daraz is boasting that there will exclusive product launches of some exciting devices. Daraz officials had vaguely implied that there will be launches of some much-awaited smartphones and wearables. So be prepared for that as well.

How not miss these deals?

The mobile week 2019 is slated to take place from 24th of June and will last till the 30th. Since Daraz is offering so much of exciting deals, there is surely going be a stampede on their website. So if you don’t want to miss offers on the products you want, make sure to add it to our wishlist. It will notify you whenever the offer on the product comes live. So you won’t miss out on anything.

Further discounts (Payments through Debit/Credit Cards)

In order to alleviate the inconveniences related to online payments, Daraz also collaborated with a number of banks. And now, while making a purchase, you can directly pay for the product using your bank’s debit or credit cards. Till the date, Daraz has partnered with six different banks (Sanima, Nabil, Siddhartha, Bank of Kathmandu, NIC Asia, and Standard Charted). Using the debit/credit cards from these banks, you can grab further discounts of up to 25%. But make you sure, you have activated your Debit and Credit cards from the bank to be eligible for the online payments.

Online payment through the Debit/Credit cards is usually considered unsure. But Daraz says that their platform is PCI Compliant, which means that every transaction that occurs through the platform would be entirely safe and secure.

So are you guys excited for the Daraz Mobile Week 2019? Let us know in the comments.