Deal Alert: JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker Available in Nepal for Rs. 5,500

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There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers you can get in the market with price ranging from Rs. 1500 reaching up higher upto Rs. 50,000. However, at lower prices, the range of Bluetooth speakers that you are getting are either non-genuine or isn’t good enough. On the contrary, paying a substantial amount of money for a Bluetooth speaker might just be out of your budget. Today, we saw a JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker which could just belong to your liking. Priced at Rs. 5,500, it is easily one of the best, yet affordable speaker that you can invest all your money.

About the JBL Clip:

Best-in-class sound that goes wherever you go. The JBL Clip is the ultra-light, ultra-rugged, and ultra-powerful portable speaker. This powerful little box gives you 5 hours of battery power so you can take the music with you where ever you go. With its 3.5 mm integrated audio cable, it’s a frontrunner for on-the-go plug-and-play when it comes to listening to music on your Smartphone, iPod, or miniature tablet. But even better, the JBL Clip also offers Bluetooth® wireless, streaming your play-list freely using its in-built SBC codec and A2DP functionality. Following in the pioneering footsteps of the JBL Micro Series – and then taking things up a notch – the Clip’s 1.5” driver delivers a stunning balance of loudness and bass performance. But what gives the JBL Clip its name is one of its simplest, yet most convenient features: the Clip comes with a carabineer hook that lets you wear it wherever you want on your clothes, belt, backpack, or messenger bag – and comes compact enough that you can fit it into your pocket. When you’re out and about on the wilderness or town, and you also happen to be an audio perfectionist, you’d do well to be carrying a JBL Clip somewhere on your person. – JBL official website

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Where to Buy in Nepal

  • Lowest Retailer (Lagankhel BusPark or Contact 9801178465 for more details)