Dristi Smart IP CCTV Camera Launches with Cloud Service Recording in Nepal

Dristi Smart IP CCTV Price in Nepal
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The new Dristi Snowman Camera is a collaboration with WorldLink. It comes loaded with many features, but the most exciting part is for WorldLink customers, who will receive fantastic discounts and the addition of 24-hour cloud-based video recording. Let’s take a closer look at the latest Dristi Snowman Smart IP CCTV, including its price in Nepal, features, and more.

Dristi Snowman Smart IP CCTV

Design and Functionality

The Dristi Snowman Camera stands out with its design reminiscent of a snowman, characterized by a rotating white round base topped with a black camera circle. For sharp night vision, the company has equipped a 3MP camera and infrared illuminators. Additionally, the camera features a microSD card slot and a reset button.  Furthermore, the device also comes with a Micro-USB port located at the back of the base, serving as the power source for the camera.

Dristi Smart IP CCTB features

Nepal Cloud and Surveillance Features

Dristi’s Nepal Cloud feature ensures secure storage of video content within Nepal’s borders. Furthermore, it can be integrated with preferred cloud storage providers, with convenient payment options like Khalti.

Operating on the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band, the Dristi Snowman Smart IP CCTV is equipped with motion detection and smart tracking capabilities, the camera promptly alerts users to any movement within its field of view, guaranteeing thorough surveillance. Moreover, the live view function enables continuous monitoring with real-time video streams.

Functionality and Intelligent Analysis

Featuring a multilingual interface, the Dristi Snowman IP Smart CCTV features In-app notifications and a two-way audio system that facilitates instant alerts and real-time communication.

The Drsiti Snowman can capture footage at high-definition resolution as it utilizes High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). Moreover, the CCTV also comes with integrated artificial intelligence capabilities which enables advanced object recognition and behavior analysis.

Dristi Snowman Smart IP CCTV Price in Nepal and Availability

While the Dristi Snowman IP CCTV has its market price at NPR Rs. 7250, it is available to both existing and potential WorldLink customers at an affordable price of Rs. 3250, with the added incentive of 24 hours of free cloud recording storage. 

CCTV Market Price Discounted Price
Dristi Smart IP CCTV NPR 7,250 NPR 3,250 (Existing and Potential Customers)

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