New Revenue collecting scheme by Facebook: Mid-Roll Video Ads

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    Facebook has been a great means of communication these days. Chatting, voice/video calls, writing status and mentions, we all love it. And lately, comes the reaction buttons, which acted as an icing on the cake. However, a new alteration on Facebook is going to be commenced, which many of us will not like it. Now in order to boost its revenue, Facebook is hoping to add advertisements in the middle of videos.

    According to Statistica, when Facebook’s revenue was $17.928 billion, it made an annual revenue of $17.08 billion from the advertising. In the same year, each Facebook account has been a source of income of $10.73 to the Facebook. Lots us people might be in shock, how did it made so much of income from one when we had paid none. When we are not paying for the product, we will be traded as the products. That is what Facebook is doing. According to the information on our profile like age (birth date), sex, page likes, etc, Facebook builds a general outlook of the certain individual. And Facebook lures sponsors with that information and sells them. Matching those aspects, they advertise their products to us. This is the reason why we could see the advertisements of the certain commercial companies suggested by Facebook to like them. Now Facebook is planning to increase its income by adding video ads of those companies in the midst of Facebook videos.

    Ads in the Facebook will be similar to the ad videos in the YouTube. However, unlike YouTube, Facebook is hoping to add video ads of around 15 seconds after the elapsed video time of 20 seconds. And this addition will be limited to the videos longer than 90 seconds. According to our source, Facebook will make a split of 55% of income from the ad sales to the creators.

    This step is surely going to be profitable for sponsors, creators and obviously Facebook. This endeavor is also going to increase the job opportunities for Facebook, which is also a good thing. However, the video ads if acted terrible to the video lovers then Facebook will certainly be losing some of its products (users). However, this scheme has not yet been started. So there is more yet to see.

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