Find My Phone from Google for Android

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    Google is probably everyone’s favorite search engine when it comes to searching for almost anything. It is our day to day life saver. Google has now stepped up its search game, and now allows users to search for their ‘lost phone.’

    Android Nepal You can just type “Find my phone” on Google and a card along with a map will appear that will assist you in locating your phone and provides the users with options like ring, lock and erase phone.  For this feature to work you must have the latest Google app update on your phone, also you have to be logged into the same Google account in your browser as well as your android device. It works better if you have location services turned ON in your device for locating your phone, else you can ring, erase and lock the phone remotely. This feature is more like the Android Device Manager integrated in your browser instead of your phone.

    Android Nepal

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