Hamro TV Launched: Nepal’s first 4K resolution DTH provider with Internet

    4k tv channel hamro TV in nepal
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    A few years ago, TV Cable service and Internet were two different services. Recently, many ISPs are giving NetTv as a bundled service. Similarly, DTH providers have included internet service in their packages as well. That is considered a most-welcome service from customer’s point of view. There’s already a healthy competition among the ISPs in Nepal giving better services at cheaper prices. In the current scenario of customers not being satisfied with their latest subscriptions, the establishment of a new service provider is always welcome. Talking about a new DTH in Nepal, HamroTV is struggling to come to the limelight. With a promise to give 4K digital TV service, we can already foresee this company will shortly be the talk of the town.

    HamroTV (a new DTH with 4K TV channels and the Internet)

    Currently, there isn’t much of the information regarding packages and their pricing from HamroTV. However, their already live website looks promising but lacks the package details. As far as TV channels are concerned, it’ll have over 50 HD channels. There aren’t specific channel names and we don’t know how many of Channels will be in 4K yet. Despite that, their website includes six different channel categories.

    We look forward to getting the package details from the HamroTV very soon. We’ll certainly give you details about everything you need to know about this new emerging company and its services. Stay Tuned.