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The increasing demand for automation has initiated a trend of transforming traditional technologies into innovative and efficient solutions. In Nepal, we have discovered a company that excels in automating and modernizing these technologies, i.e., Home Automation Nepal, seamlessly integrating automation into everyday products and services. They have emerged as leaders in the market, driving this transformative trend forward.

Home Automation Nepal Overview:

Home Automation Nepal is a company specializing in home automation solutions since 2009. They like to introduce themselves as a pioneer in automation for home-and-workplaces-related products and services in the country. They focus on providing smart living experiences by integrating sensors and motors into lighting, security systems, entertainment systems, and more.

Home Automation Nepal not only provides automated and motorized solutions but also focuses on energy-saving methods for homes and workplaces.

  • Residents: They offer a range of home equipment, including security systems such as CCTV systems, occupancy sensors, WiFi cameras, and Zigbee smoke and motion sensors. They also provide digital door locks for keyless access, smart lighting solutions for energy savings, video door phones for easy visitor interaction, motorized gates for easy opening, VRF AC controllers for scheduled energy-efficient use of air conditioning, motorized curtains and blinds, smart plugs, and universal remotes.
  • Corporations: In addition to houses, Home Automation Nepal also provides services to the business sectors. They offer equipments for exclusive cabins, boardrooms, fire alarm systems, surveillance, interactive screens, wireless presentations, video conferencing, and access control.
  • Hospitality: In hotels and resorts, they provide solutions for conference halls, electronic locks, surveillance, in-room controls, fire alarm systems and others.

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The Operational Framework

The devices provided by Home Automation Nepal can be controlled using their dedicated application and can also be operated manually. When it comes to lighting and energy sources, they consider the electrical mapping diagram designed by the electrician to determine the suitable types and quantities of lights and switches. Their approach is to customize automation based on the unique characteristics of each house.

Why use Automated System?

Integrating an automation system in a normal household offers a range of benefits, including luxury, ease, and control. Although the installation process may have upfront costs, the long-term use is simpler and helps save energy.

Projects and Collaboration

One of their notable collaborations is with Index Furniture, where they seamlessly merge automation with luxury. They have also worked on projects for renowned individuals like Mr. Satyam Kedia, Mr. Aaditya Sanghai, Mr. Saurabh Jyoti, and organizations such as Nepal Army Headquarters, Panchakanya Group, Kantipur Publications, Hotel Ambassador, among others.

Newly Introduced Theater System

They have recently introduced a theater room system that transforms living rooms or dedicated home theater spaces into a luxurious experience. The theater rooms include a wide range of sound and video systems, reclining seats and spacious legroom, creating a QFX-like vibe in the comfort of one’s home.

Pricing And Market Competitions

The company customizes products according to user requirements, and pricing depends on the specific products and their quantities. Hence, an estimated price range cannot be predetermined in advance. Despite competition from companies like Smart Ghar Nepal and Smart Home Automation Nepal, Home Automation Nepal has taken its place in the market and achieved remarkable success.

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