Huawei achieves its biggest revenue to date despite the trade ban from US

Huawei records its biggest ever revenue
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In 2019, we saw Huawei replace Apple as the second-biggest smartphone brand in the world. But Huawei looked more ambitious. The company’s recent growth also complemented the ambition. But it had to slow down a bit, courtesy of the US trade ban. Interestingly, Huawei is showing what it is capable of on its own after American companies broke all the ties with it. Being the company it is, Huawei is still on a roll. This time the company has accumulated its biggest revenue to date. Huawei posting such record revenue is a clear indication that the company can survive on its own.

US trade ban

Huawei is facing a trade-ban in the United States. Since May of 2019, Huawei has been restricted to carry out any sort of transaction with US-based companies. The biggest problem for Huwaei so far has been the Google Mobile Service (GMS).

Over the years, GMS has a big hand in Android’s growth in terms of both usage and popularity. Huawei has been restricted to integrate it into its smartphone because of the ban it faces.

Huawei Record Revenue (2019)

When the trade-ban was introduced, dark clouds hovered over the future of the brand. We didn’t know if we could see any other device from the company. But that’s “long” gone now. Huawei is still launching new devices.

But sales is what catches our attention. The company has reported sales of 240 million smartphones in 2019. That’s additional 36 million smartphones sold compared to 206 million smartphones sold in 2018.

With this, Huawei has secured its position as the second-biggest smartphone brand in the world. Only Samsung has a better sales figure than Huawei.

Eric Xu -Huawei Deputy Chairman
Eric Xu – Huawei Deputy Chairman

Huawei’s record revenue in detail

Huawei has gone all out in overcoming the dependency on Google. And if the company’s financial report is any indication Huawei might even pull out the impossible.

Huawei has reported its revenue a bit over 850 billion Yuan; an 18% increase over 2018’s figures. That is around 122 billion in US dollars. To put it into perspective, that’s the biggest revenue the Chinese company has ever had in its history.

The Future of Huawei

While the sales figure shows no sign to worry, Huawei’s deputy chairman, Eric Xu, has confessed tough times for the company. He also said that the trade-ban can make it “difficult” for the company to “survive and thrive” over the long run.

To continue to grow as a company, Huawei is planning on getting rid of the company’s poor performing managers. There might also be some changes in the operational structure of the company.

The trade ban saga was one of the most talked-about events of 2019. The fact that it came after Huawei replaced US-based Apple as the second-biggest smartphone in the world created a lot of buzzes. And with Huawei putting all its efforts to fight against the ban, we might see the events make some more headlines in the time to come. Huawei achieving such a milestone with its record revenue to date has shined some hope for the company nevertheless.